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Winning ways of Imran Khan

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As a Cricket Captain and by winning the 1992 World Cup down under, Imran Khan proved his credentials as a keen fighter of the game. This time around, he proved his mettle by winning the Pakistani elections and showed his fighting qualities as the single largest party. Now, Imran hopes for turn on an old pitch.  Further, he is ready to resolve disputes with India with an amicable solution. But politics is a different cup of tea. His inswingers and outswingers were fetching bagful of wickets in the International Cricket but politics will pose him a problem in his endeavour.

In the World Cup, Pakistani side was almost down and out but as a leader, he brought glory to his side. In Pakistan politics, his party was nowhere in the reckoning but Imran Khan played a key role in making his dream come true.  Khan is a taskmaster and may prove his mettle by improving his relationship with neighbouring countries and stitch relationship with China and USA and prove his worth and improve the economy of his country in the days to come.

A fast bowler and a skipper of the Pakistan national Cricket team once upon a time, now being elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Imran Khan is new to the political field. The BJP ruled NDA government led by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his inseparable loyal Ministers of vastly matured Indian government will decide the acceptance of the new Pakistan government after the initial introduction, and the extensive meeting with the new Prime Minister of Pakistan and his associates.

Pakistan election results show Imran Khan will be the next PM. He spoke in TV that Kashmir will be the core issue between India and Pakistan. As India and Pakistan waged many wars and had established LoC having parts of Kashmir both in Pakistan and India, there is no meaning to revive Kashmir issue now and push it again on to the present generation who might not have been born then. It is better for the incoming PM of Pakistan to settle LoC as international border and get Nobel Peace Prize before Trump attempts on North Korea.

Stand of Pakistan towards India will never change and it is like constant in scientific formulae, independent of time and temperature. There is only a change in face of Prime Minister, not in their wounds. Their official military oath says that they will sacrifice lives for revenge of 1971. I think we are discussing on hypothetical conditions by us only.

So much hype is created for Imran Khan. The Army is the platform on which Imran will be sitting. Army always likes strained relations with India. So, India should not hope for the cooperation. A lot depends on his relations with the US. Some initial bonhomie can be there as both will be baiting each other. The sooner or later, after failure to bring Taliban on the discussion table, old rhetoric will begin coupled with Indian border tension. December may be a war month. Kashmir tangle will be a flashpoint. In nutshell, Imran Khan will be a civilian Pervez Musharraf.

Only time will show how much the new government changes the condition of Pakistan and work independently or it will become a puppet of the military as it happened in the past.


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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