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Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Women deserve to be respected

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Ghar Ki Lakshmi’ is that what they call her? Lakshmi refers to the Goddess of Wealth. A woman is regarded as the Goddess of wealth in her home according to the Hindu mythology. Which religion teaches us to disrespect God? None, right? Then why such inhumanity is shown to women these days? Where has all the respect gone? Why don’t those rapists realise that it is because of a woman that they are living in this world today. It is their mother, a woman, who carried her child in her womb undergone all the pain in those nine months and yet never complained.
Even though we live in the 21st century, a girl child is still considered a curse in some parts of this country! Our culture and tradition teach us to respect women, their care and the love they shower on their family and dear one’s. Where have all those values disappeared? The one’s which were fed into those men when they were kids.
With the increasing number of rape cases, every girl or woman fears getting out of the house. But why should we? Don’t we have the right to enjoy our lives? A woman sacrifices so much for her family and this is what society gives her in return.

Selling girls to brothels, killing her before she even steps into this world, discouraging her to move ahead with the world? They say they want this nation to be ‘developed’. But if it continues this way, we won’t even be termed as a developing nation.

I feel strongly for these women and their families. These rape victims. What must be her state? Her family’s state? Whoever they are, whether rich, poor, middle-class or the backward! At the end of it they are all ‘women’
Why have people become so disrespectful? Humans tend to be turning into animals. The Nirbhaya case for example. Imagining the pain and suffering that she went through makes me want to cry. Recently a three year old was raped. That innocent soul who must have just learnt to say the word ‘mamma’ doesn’t understand the good and bad of this society. She must be just smiling at every random person who comes her way.

Just the thought of it makes me feel disgusted. It makes me want to tear apart those men who did it to her.
But what does all this lead to? I alone cannot fight against it. Unity is what we need. Rallies and protests stay in the news for a while and later on it all vanishes. People forget as time passes but do those victims forget? Will they ever be able to forget even if they want to?

I know you must be now thinking that it is very easy for me to sit here and write all of this even I have the same question, “What more can I do?”

I may not be a great writer. I may not be able to put all of this in high vocab words but I feel bad for these girls who suffer. We girls too want to wear westernized clothes and live our lives. But even if we take the least efforts to dress up and look good we are stared at by thousands of eyes while walking on the streets.
Dear men, who keep staring at us that way, just so you know we do not dress up for you all. Neither for someone to stare at us in a wrong way.

We dress up for ourselves. There is a lot more you can admire around in this beautiful world. This is just a humble request from a common girl like me, R E S P E C T the women around you. Live and let live. Let us too explore what this gift which God has given us called ‘L I F E’ has for us. Thank you. Peace.

Jonita Colaco

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