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What work does the weather bureau do?

An RTI activist had filed an application with the weather department to get information that how many of the predictions made by the weather bureau prove to be correct and how many fail to become true. But this application, after taking a very large fee, was rejected. The Central Government reprimanded the Weather Department and instructed them to give the applicant the required information without charging any fee within 15 days. The feeling that the reason for not giving the information is that the weather bureau does not have confidence in its ability to predict weather conditions correctly and also that it fears that its reputation will be tarnished when the figures of its correct and false predictions will come before the nation.

This should make the weather department think and try to find out why there is an attempt to avoid giving information requested by the RTI? Intensive study of geology along with the modern equipments will help the weather bureau to give accurate predictions and warnings. But for this the both have to go together with our traditional method of predicting the weather conditions should also be researched by the scientists of the weather department. For this help should be taken of the knowledgeable people from the villages who without any scientific equipment, or gadgets can give accurate information about the weather by observing the planets and stars in the sky. When we see this natural a question arises in our minds what work does the weather bureau do?

Jayesh Rane

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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