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Yogi’s simplicity is giving guarantee of his success

Yogi Adityanath is a true sanyasi. To consider him only the leader of Hindus is wrong. He will look after all citizens of his state equally without any discrimination. He lacks experience in administration but as a true citizen it is our duty to help him. IAS and PCS officers must assist and advice him sincerely for the development of all as says ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As his popularity of Yogi Adityanath is soaring, it is the fact that, top central leaders in Bhartiya Janata Party will definitely try to derail him and his mission. He must be very careful about this. I’m seeing him as a Prime Ministrial candidate for 2024 general election. PM Modi some days ago said, Yogiji aaye hain, kuch zaroor karenge. What do you mean by that?

He must see to it that, licenced slaughter houses must run properly and raid should be only on illegal and void ‘buchadkhana’. There should be no harassment for innocents, by the ‘goons’ of political parties and matter should be totally control by law and order. Yogiji should not fall for total prohibition on alcoholic drinks, as blanket ban on alcoholic drinks will raise smuggling of it from other adjacent states except Bihar. And this is impractical and also brings loss to the exchequer. Some curbs on location, timings and date can be implemented.
The production of milk and milk products must be increased and also increase the yields of fruits and vegetables. Agriculture universities should be aligned with rural development.
Repair of hand pumps must be given priority for making drinking water available.

UPSEB must be assisted by making some foreign technicians available to enhance electric production, distribution and upkeep of transformers. As summer is approaching, consumption of electricity will be high. Uttar Pradesh government should tie up with other states which are producing excess electricity and buy it for their citizens. Curbing on illegal electricity and ‘katiya’ will help the electricity board to come up with loses it is making in the state. ‘Jane do’ attitude of the officers are making biggest lost for them. By the word ‘attitude’, I remember that on the very first day at UP ‘Sachivalaya’ Lucknow, how Yogiji has banned pan masala and gutka in any government office premises was daring order against the errant officers. By this, he is following ‘Swaccha Bharat’ abhiyan of his senior Modiji.

Now, some of my suggestion on Anti-Romeo squad to Yogiji, which I think is valuable in near as well as in long term. Youth were the major factor of BJP’s tsunami in UP, don’t take anger of young lad. Instruct the Anti-Romeo Squad to catch those who seems to be harassing girls and to harass the couple who willingly sitting decently somewhere and enjoying their moment. Definitely, cities are expanding but open spaces are shrinking. There are not many open spaces to sit and relax. Yogiji, please look at my suggestion.
Your simplicity is giving guarantee of your success.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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