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Youth must undergo compulsory military training

I have always laid emphasis about the need for enforcing two year national service for youth through my columns. Our country is very big so such conscription will not be possible for all citizens. Therefore, citizens can be asked to join national service voluntarily for a short span and can even make it applicable to those who intend to serve the state civil services and join IAS. Those candidates selected for such services must undergo one year service by joining hands with the defense personnel. Even if the government makes it voluntary, we will find that many youth will still join it, if a rider is put that youth performing such a service will be given preference for recruitment to government jobs.

Several irresponsible youth exists in our country who fails to perform their duties amicably. In a recent bus incident where some boys were teasing girls, the driver, conductor and fellow travellers failed to intervene. Therefore, to instill some pride and discipline in them some national service is necessary. I congratulate Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar who had stated in the Rajya Sabha that compulsory military training was an “excellent idea” and the government may introduce it at the college level in some border districts as a pilot project. Its purpose is to inculcate discipline and a nationalist feeling, to have a reserve of trained manpower in case of a war and to make up for force deficiencies in the standing forces during peace time.

Our politicians and bureaucrats are responsible for rising corruption in the country. I was listening to a television debate where participants were discussing how many politicians have earned crores of money by manipulating the accounts of some co-operative banks.

Our skill development program is lagging far behind other developed nations. There is lack of efficient welders in our country. The recent explosion which occurred when some unskilled labours were cutting the oily drums points to such a deficiency. Accidents occur due to inadequate training and lack of supervision. It is not the fault of the youth as the government officials fail to mobilize their energy for constructive purposes. There is no plan of action. The government must come out with a three monthly report on television and reputed newspapers mentioning about how many youth have become welders, plumbers and electricians after successfully completing the course, along with their photos. The youth will then know about the benefits of undergoing training as they will become more employable. It will also create more employment opportunities in the country. Our good wishes for Manohar Parikkar who is taking right decisions for the development of the nation.

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