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YouTuber ‘Heer Khan’ abuses Hindu Deities; held by Uttar Pradesh police

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A nasty video uploaded titled “Black Day 5 August,” by a YouTuber named Heer Khan was seen abusing Hindu Deities, she abused Goddess Sita and called her sex worker and referred to Ayodhya a brothel, has been arrested by Uttar Pradesh police. Khan had also called Lord Ram a son of a sex worker in the video. Heer Khan is a singer and YouTuber who posts videos regularly on her YouTube Channel.

The Prayagraj police came into action after huge outrage on social media by Hindutva activists and netizens demanding her arrest. Hashtags like #ArrestHeerKhan had started to trend on Twitter.

In a video full of offensive adjectives and expletives against Hindu Gods. She claimed in her video that if anyone says anything against Islam, Muslims will not sit quietly. Her video was in reply to 11 August 2020 incidence, the nephew of an Indian National Congress state legislator Akhanda Srinivas Murthy posted a derogatory remark on Facebook that targeted the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

The post went viral in the area and people began gathering in front of the legislator’s residence in Kaval Byrasandra in protest, demanding that the accused be arrested. The police sent two teams from the DJ Halli station to detain the nephew. Heer Khan claimed in her video that if anyone says anything against Islam, Muslims will not sit quietly. She went on ranting extremely derogatory, abusive, and sexually explicit words against Hindu Gods throughout the video. This has enraged Hindus as it hurt their religious sentiments.

The YouTube channel in which these videos appeared started uploading videos on 4th January 2020. In the first video, Heer Khan said that she used to have an old channel which was deleted. Though she uses burka to hide her face in a majority of the videos, in a couple of videos she posted, in the beginning, her face is visible. In a video that Heer Khan uploaded on 24th August 2020, she claimed that she had been abusing Hindu Gods for the last two years and no one had taken action against her. She is then seen threatening that if anyone dares to say anything against her and Islam, the women in their family will be r**ped. She also mentioned the recent Bangalore riots in her video and threatened similar “actions” if anyone says anything against the Prophet. Heer Khan had showcased her “love” for Pakistani terrorist Masood Azhar. Azhar is the mastermind behind several attacks in India, including the 2001 Indian Parliament attack, 2008 Mumbai attacks, 2016 Pathankot attack, and 2019 Pulwama attack.

The video clip was shared on Twitter by a netizen who asked for the source and location of the women to file a complaint. Additional Director-General of Police Dr. Sandeep Mittal noticed the video and notified UP Police to take action accordingly. Earlier in the day, the Lucknow Police had taken cognizance of the video and replied to ADG Mittal that they had directed Cyber Cell to take necessary action against the said Youtuber.

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