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Zac Efron: Is He Really Trying To Get Sami Miro Back? — The Truth

“Zac [Efron] is not interested in getting Sami [Miro] back. He has been way too busy promoting his movie to be chasing her. This is kind of laughable, and it’s a very obvious attempt by Sami to keep herself relevant now that she isn’t with Zac. But Zac isn’t letting it bother him — his head is focused on work right now. His career is blowing up and Baywatch is about to come out, plus, he’s starting on his movie with Hugh Jackman. He doesn’t have time for her drama. That’s one of the reasons things didn’t work out with her, he wants to keep his life drama free,” a source tells.

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This is very interesting. Especially considering Sami just put Zac on blast, saying he’s a “hot mess” who won’t stop texting her.

ami allegedly tweeted and then deleted a series of harsh words about her ex. On July 19, she said, “Oh, when he texts you saying he’s trying so hard to move on but you already moved on months ago,” before adding, “When you’ve never been happier and he’s still a hot mess.”

She also said, “I’m finally ready to talk about it. Missed your chance bye bye #iaintsorry.” We wonder what she’s referring to in regards to “it.” The tweets are very interesting, but we’re happy to hear Zac’s not interested in getting her back. We can’t imagine he’d want to anyway after she put him on blast in such a harsh way.

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