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1,200 tourists being evacuated from Indonesia quake islands

More than one thousand tourists were being evacuated from Indonesia’s tiny Gili islands on Monday after a powerful quake struck neighbouring Lombok, killing 91 people and injuring hundreds.

The Gilis are three coral-fringed tropical islands popular with backpackers and divers, a few kilometres off the northwest coast of the larger Lombok island.

Footage posted online by rescue officials showed hundreds of panicked tourists and locals crowded onto powder-white beaches desperately waiting for transport off the normally paradise islands.

Muhammad Faozal, the head of West Nusa Tenggara’s tourism agency, said there were about 1,200 mostly foreign tourists on the Gilis.

“We cannot evacuate all of them all at once because we don’t have enough capacity on the boats. It’s understandable they want to leave the Gilis, they are panicking,” he told agencies.

He said extra boats, including at least two navy vessels, were on their way.

Lombok, a volcanic island that towers over the flatter Gilis, bore the brunt of Sunday’s quake, with the vast majority of deaths occurring there.

However, a local search and rescue official said there had been at least one fatality on the Gilis and several injuries.

The 6.9 magnitude tremor, which triggered panic among tourists and locals on Sunday evening, was also felt on Bali, one of Southeast Asia’s leading tourist destinations.

The main tourist areas of Lombok in the south and west of the island appear to have been spared the worst of the damage.

Lombok’s beaches and hiking trails draw holidaymakers from around the world. But some fearful tourists were already trying to leave.

Most of the victims in the latest disaster died in the north and east of Lombok. Thousands were evacuated to outside shelters.

Bali’s international airport suffered damage to its terminal but the runway was unaffected and operations had returned to normal, disaster agency officials said.

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