Friday, June 25, 2021
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Manik – A gem in politics

It was indeed a revelation to know about an honest politician through your detailed write-up on Manik Sarkar (Afternoon Voice March 9). It is a sign of the times that the electorate no longer like to be ruled by honest and straightforward politicians. It has probably got ingrained in our psyche to show our deference to politicians of doubtful integrity. In our mindless pursuit of pelf and power, honesty and selfless service have been relegated to the back-burner so much so that those who do not tread the crooked path find themselves in a hopeless minority and are often subject to unnecessary ridicule. In the present political set-up, it is rare to find such honest politicians. His party has been ousted from power but Manik continues to shine as a priceless jewel in the political firmament. One fondly hopes that Indian democracy throws up more such jewels in the coming years to stem the rot within the system.

Amit Banerjee

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