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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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6 tips to make the most of your pediatrician’s visit

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pediatrician-visitA common complaint that all mums have is that pediatricians do not give them enough time during a consultation. Well, all you mothers should know that your doctor is always pressed for time so be smart enough to make the most of your appointment. And preparation doesn’t mean carrying diapers, water bottles and snacks to munch while awaiting your turn. It means preparing to get the best out of your doctor. Try these following ways to make the most of your doctor’s time:

Always make prior appointments: You will save yourself from toddler tantrums at the waiting area if you have a prior appointment. Ending up at the clinic without an appointment and waiting for your turn can make your tot become cranky, irritable or probably just bored. Getting inside the clinic with a child who is not in the mood for a check-up can lead to the end of a consultation even before it starts. So seeking an appointment and reaching the clinic on time is the basis of a good start of a consultation.

Keep all the files and reports ready: Keep your baby’s birth details, vaccination details, reports of tests and other prescriptions handy. Now if there are too many test reports that you need to carry, make sure you don’t hand your doctor an encyclopedia of reports and papers. Make two files instead, one that has the prescriptions of previous visits and the other that has all the test reports in place. In this way it becomes easy for the doctor to navigate through the reports and medication details while drawing a valid conclusion of the consultation. In both the files remember to attach the weight and height details and the immunization chart. Get photocopies of the same and attach them. This helps the doctor glance through all details in one go and saves time for other discussions too. It makes it easier to calculate the next immunization date also.

Make a detailed note of the symptoms your baby suffers from: Even before you make an appointment; write all the symptoms that you have noticed in your baby, for example, an allergy to a certain drug or food, vomiting or diarrhea during weaning, any discomfort or unusual behaviour. Once inside the clinic you are bound to forget to update your pediatrician with one or the other important information about your baby’s wellbeing. Hence start even before you make an appointment by just making notes of your baby’s health status.

Write all the questions you want him to answer: If its diet queries or about weight management or you simply want to know about the health supplements, write them down and present them to your doctor. Do not shy away from asking anything that you feel is relevant for your baby’s growth and development. Without jotting them down chances are you might miss out on asking a crucial question and have to wait till your next appointment. Don’t always try to be an informed patient, but a prepared one. Being organized will help your doctor gather his thoughts and offer advice more directly and in a focused way. Your ability to stay organized will help your doctor respect you as a patient too.

Dress your baby right: Dress your baby in loose comfortable clothes which will make it easier for your doctor to conduct a thorough examination, give immunization etc.

Give your doctor time: Remember with all that information you are doling out give your doctor time to reflect on the same before writing the prescription or giving medical advice. Don’t just keep complaining about toddler tantrums every now and then. If your baby isn’t eating enough tell your doctor about it and wait for the advice to come. Also listen to your doctor attentively to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important.

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