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A chilling look into the home of Orlando murderer Omar Mateen!

Omar Mateen, the killer who killed 50 people and injured 53 more in an Orlando gay club on June 11, shockingly had a  suburban home was shockingly mundane which featured common cartoon and movie themes like ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ and ‘Star Wars.’

Omar Mateen-AV
A mere look at his home is absolutely chilling as the way in which Mateen’s (29) house is set up gives out no idea of his criminal tendencies.

A video has been obtained by British tabloid Daily Mail which gives a glimpse into the interior of Mateen’s home.

The cold-blooded killer shared an apartment at the Woodland Condominium in Fort Pierce with his alleged wife and three-year-old son, and had also apparently lived there since 2011 after a divorce from his first wife.

If his son’s room is stuffed with toys, the refrigerator is covered in photos.

Also a Hello Kitty clock adorns a wall with the bathroom having a Star Wars theme.

Apart from these silly and lighthearted ones also a Minnie Mouse calendar hangs on the wall with June 7 circled and ‘D-Day, 10:30’ chillingly penciled in.

A ceremonial sword sits front and center on the TV stand, with books like the Qaran, Muhammed: Who Is He, and An Explanation of the Last Tenth with Crucial Matters in the Life of a Muslim lying by the bedside.

One look into the video and it definitely gives us a shocking input into Omar’s personal life!

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