Friday, June 18, 2021
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Scorching summer heat started

Summer in Mumbai really irritates you as the humid condition is not good for health. People would like to stay indoors as the outside heat is unbearable.

Summers are generally associated with heat, humidity and loss of appetite. Skin rashes, irritations and headaches can be avoided by opting for summer-friendly food. Summer season has set in Mumbai and the city is facing sweltering in the heat wave during the month of March. To start with a temperature of 37.8 degree C is a scorching one. Summer is very much enervating and people die of Sun Stroke during hot summer season. This time round the year, the mercury is touching 40 degree C and people in Mumbai are facing heat waves. The tiring heat requires more consumption of water. One requires at least eight glasses of water during ordinary days. During summer you can increase to 12 to 15 glasses of water. Lime juice with salt and little sugar is preferred for dehydration. Instead of going for bottled drink you can have barley water as well. Health is wealth and one has to keep fit even during hot and humid summer season as well.

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