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AAP’s game of one-upmanship

The Aam Aadmi Party appears to have stage managed this Somnath Bharti episode to be one up against the Congress to bring the Delhi police under the purview of state government. They will shun all their shortcomings and create a new “mudda” which is bound to gain the sympathy of Delhi residents. It’s an extremely brilliant move by the ruling party. This sort of over smartness will not pay in the long run and will become a roadblock for sincere and sober governance.

The time has come that Delhi Lieutenant should dismiss this government and forward a report to the President. However, it is perceived that the Lieutenant Governor appears to love such a “vigilante” approach. It is good to be radical but it should not be overdone. If you observe the body language and accent of Mr Bharti, it shows too much arrogance. Why the Lieutenant is not considering this? Perhaps he also wants his name to be written in history with Kejrival for wresting control of Delhi police. AAP leader Kumar Vishwas stressed the need for Delhi Police to be brought under the jurisdiction of the state government. Delhi Police are at present under the jurisdiction of the Union government.

If you insult Ugandans and Nigerians they will retaliate in the same manner. There is always a better way of doing this work but AAP won’t be able to garner publicity which it is seeking. Congress should have a good look at its ministers. Is it necessary to have Shindeji and Tharoor saheb in the ministry? Mr Tharoor is more interested in having a playboy image and he can join either Hollywood or Bollywood. He is too unconventional to be our minister.

Rahul Gandhi had given a very spirited speech on January, 17 and he should follow it by actions. He must induct capable young women candidates for Lok Sabha by constituting a good selection committee which includes persons like Jyotiraditya Scindia, Sanjay Jha and a good lady psychologist. He should then take them to the constituencies and make them interact with the people to understand about the problems faced by them.

Narendra Modi is not sounding wise and over exposing himself. He should sit down (like Sonia Gandhi) and let others like Kiran Bedi, Subramanian Swamy and Baba Ramdev also speak. You may follow “Ekla chalo re…” but this entails a certain amount of “bairagya”, and mind you, I called you Bapu but you are not a “Mahatma” yet. So better remain watchful.

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