Monday, June 21, 2021
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Air India staff face the wrath

VIP culture continues to harm the general public in general and the air staff in particular. Once a MP board a flight they think that they are the monarch and act in an indifferent way with our without the influence of the alcohol. In the Ravindra Gaikwad’s case there was no provocation and the serial offender once again showed his anger in the midst of a flight assaulting a 60 year old staff. He was not vehemently refusing the charges instead admits that he did overpower the staff and hit him with his sandal to show anger. Gaikwad lost all the respect and credibility over his action and two FIRs were filed against his misconduct and using his authority to beat a public servant on duty. He degraded his image of MP and showed that his might as Sena man may win him a seat for himself in the plane. The clout over his post and the subsequent attack all came for view of public and cameras flashed on him and made mockery of his status. VIP culture came for criticism and the Sena MP was cutting a sorry figure in the end.

Nickhil Mani

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