Friday, June 18, 2021
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Air pollutants harm people

This is a matter of grave concern. It is high time that we adopt preventive measures to do something urgently towards the matter of air pollutant. And this is strictly in our hands. Prevention is better than cure. Garbage menace is causing lots of discomfort and the accumulation is causing many health diseases to bear as well. Waste management team should work in co-ordination with BMC to find amicable solution. Housing societies should be given guidelines to act in safe way in disposing garbage rather than just dumping in another place. During winter season, the winds are already slow and fire crackers add heavily to the pollution as pollutants remain in the air for longer. It is high time that the government contemplated banning crackers to a city like Delhi, where pollution levels have already exceeding its limit and a cause of grave concern. Somehow, Mumbai air is improving thick and fast due to remedial measures taken and follow up action taken on timely basis. Open defecation is one such factor affecting the poor quality of air. The most hazardous of air pollutants cause most of the diseases, which includes asthma and breathing problems.

M.R. Jayanthi

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