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An idle mind is the devil’s workshop

Right now you are reading this, but after a while when you have those few free minutes to idle around, your mind falls prey to many thoughts, both positive and negative. At times some people get so used to thinking about negativity in life that they can never think about something positive. It is understandable that at times, things/situations don’t work out the way we want them to but then that does not mean you become depressed and go about crying over it. We need to develop a positive approach towards every situation in life. Even though you might be going through a bad phase, but just stay on, remain hopeful because one day things will surely fall into place.

Just to give you the perfect example is the person who comes to Mumbai in search of better job prospects with a positive mind will initially undergo lot of hardships, but in the end he will surely succeed in achieving his goals. But what if the same person constantly faces failure and is struggling to make a living, and then the negative thoughts set in to make matters worse. I don’t think anyone derives pleasure through negative thoughts. It is just one way to criticize the beautiful gift of life. One single bad/negative thought starts the chain of thoughts and will make the person more upset and sad. So why think about something which causes harm to physical and mental health like depression, extreme anxiety, and other psychological problems.

When a person who has a negative mind starts to believe in those thoughts and in extreme cases, these people commit suicide and this will bring sadness to their family and friends. So the best way to keep the negative thoughts at bay is to keep yourself occupied and busy with activities that you enjoy doing; Read books, play games, chat etc. Life is too short to carry that negative baggage around and ruin the happy moments of life. When you are in a positive environment, prolong your stay there, as when you are filled with positive energy, you can spread it on to others thereby illuminating their dark lives.

Be happy always and keep on spreading the cheerful smile to everyone. Just be hopeful about everything and not hopeless. Feed on to the good thoughts in your mind and don’t let a fraction of negativity jump in. Believe it or not, but unexpectedly many good things happen when you keep a positive approach towards life. Shield up your mind to face the tough times in life. Concluding on this note, life is never easy; it’s just one rollercoaster ride, which all should enjoy.

Glenes Bothelo

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