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The anatomy of fear and worry

Hello again, this week I am going to highlight two emotions that I see are very common with a majority of people in the world today. Fear and worry. The thought of fear is the cause of much unhappiness and many failures. In spite of being told these things over and over again by teachers, parents, motivational speakers, philosophers and great thinkers, we fail to completely stop fearing or worrying about things.

Fear is a habit of the mind which has been fastened upon us by negative thoughts. Remember, strong expectancy is a powerful magnet. The person with a strong confident desire attracts to himself the things in his best favour. If he desires them hopefully, trustfully, confidently and calmly, he will attract the right people, events, circumstances, and opportunities that bring him closer to his desire. Equally true is the fact that one who fears and worries, manages to magnetically attract those things or outcomes that cause fear. It’s ironical that the man who fears is, in reality, welcoming that feared thing. According to the law of attraction fearing about something is equivalent to wishing for that thing to happen. The law of attraction works equally in both the cases. The principle is the same. The simplest way to overcome any kind of fear is to have an attitude of courage. If you are in a darkened room the best way to get rid of the darkness would be to let in the light. It is a waste of time and energy to fight negative thought by recognising its force and denying its existence by a lot of effort. The best, simplest, easiest, surest and quickest method is to accept the existence of the positive thought desired in its place.

The law of attraction brings into existence the thought that is focussed upon by manifesting it into objective reality. Using the right language during self-talk is of utmost importance. Instead of repeating “I am not afraid,” say “I am full of courage.” You should assume the attitude of courage. You should think courage, say courage and act courage. You should keep the mental picture of courage in your mind all the time until the time it becomes your normal mental attitude. Hold on to this attitude firmly and you will slowly attain it. Let the word courage sink deeply into your mind and keep repeating it until it is glued in your subconscious. Visualise yourself as being full of courage, in your mind’s eye see yourself as acting with courage. Make mental movies of yourself involved in courageous acts. Realise that worry and fear never helped anyone and never will. Realise that fear paralyses effort, while courage promotes action. The person who carries the attitude of “I will and I can” becomes a powerful magnet, attracting exactly what he desires. People call him lucky. But luck has nothing to do with his success. His attitude is responsible. Exactly, in the same way, the attitude of the “I can’t” or “I am afraid” also brings the exact thoughts he is focussed upon. There is no enigma or mystery to this.

Look around your circle of successful friends and relatives and do you see anything common in them. The level of confidence and courage will figure high in these people. Remember your thoughts have a force hidden within them. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Stop negative thoughts and you will stop attracting to yourself failure, unhappiness and sorrow. You can start now. Send out a strong happy thought. Your dominant thought should always be “I can and I will.” Just like a stone thrown into water produces ripples and waves, a thought produces vibrations and frequencies in the universe. When we have a negative thought our frequencies match with the frequencies of negative people around us and multiply manifolds. Similarly, when we have a happy or positive thought, the frequency of that thought matches with the positive frequencies around us multiplying it manifold.

The quality of our thoughts determines the frequency of the thoughts we attract. Our minds are like a transmitter constantly transmitting and receiving signals. Sometimes we have stray thoughts; these are thoughts send to us by another person. But if our minds are not tuned to receive it, the thought will not affect us. If we are in the zone of happy and high thoughts our minds open up to the high frequencies and higher wavelengths corresponding to the character of the thoughts we have been thinking. This enables our mind to attract and catch the vibrations of other minds tuned in to the same thoughts. On the other hand while thinking negative thoughts we attract the lower frequencies of thoughts coming from the minds of the multitudes of people in that low frequency. It has been rightly said by Ralph Waldo Emerson “A man is what he thinks”. Who we become largely depends on the thoughts we think the whole day. We are also affected by the thoughts of others, which have reached us either directly by verbal communication or telepathically by means of such thought waves.

Until next week

Stay Positive, Stay Abundant

Umesh Pherwani

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