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Ashley Graham needed affirmation after being dumped

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American model Ashley Graham’s first boyfriend dumped her because he thought she would get as fat as his mother.

The 28-year-old says she was left feeling insecure and embarked on a number of casual relationships after the man broke up with her when she was just 16, reports

“He’s like, ‘First, you won’t have sex with me. And second, I’m afraid you’re going to be as fat as my mum’. Never in my life had I felt more ugly, insecure and unworthy,” Graham told Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazine.

“That was the beginning of how I would relate and interact with my own body. I started seeking affirmation from boys because of one man’s words,” she added.

When she was 17, Graham moved to New York and felt like she dated half the city.

“I did it all wrong. I dated a lot of the wrong guys and was having sex for a lot of the wrong reasons. I was just looking for love and affirmations,” she said.

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