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At 60, Dawood still rocks underworld

Media were speculating that fugitive underworld don Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar will take volunteer retirement on his 60th birthday. However, sources said this is not an authentic news. Nowadays, Indian intelligence and investigating agencies keeping very close eye on Dawood’s whereabouts. Since, Narendar Modi has announced that they will get back Dawood Ibrahim to Indian soil, it has become egoistic issue for ruling NDA led by BJP. Dawood Ibrahim, who is still ruling as an immortal underworld, has decided to remain in his position. To get more close to search on D-company, Chhota Rajan was deported from Indonesia to India. Rajan and Dawood believed to be an arch rivals and trying to eliminate each other. Chhota Shakeel openly told in a media interview that Dawood Ibrahim would not settle until former comrade and now arch enemy Chhota Rajan, who is in custody in India, is not assassinated. While the D-company has threatens to kill Rajan anywhere anytime. Shakeel claims, he was quite close, yet too far, in Bali where Rajan was inside a lock-up and hence, missed the chance to assassinate him. Rajan has proved to be an extremely lucky person, having escaped attempts on his life by Shakeel in year 2000 starting in Bangkok, then Australia and latest in Bali. As part of the plan that has come to light, the duo had planned to masquerade as a reporter and cameraperson, giving them an easy access, and perpetrate the assassination. Seeing how Rajan was surrounded by journalist wherever he went, Shakeel recruited a man and a woman to pose as journalists. Fresh press cards were made and they were also given a video camera. The plan was, on the pretext of getting a reaction from Rajan, the two would get close to him and then shoot him. According to Shakeel, the girl was going to shoot Rajan but the problem of waging a weapon in full public glare saved Rajan’s life by a whisker. Sources added that the two specialists were armed to teeth when it came to their disguise. They had identity (ID) proofs, identity cards, passports and a camera.

Meanwhile, a section of intelligence agencies believe that Chhota Rajan will not be able to help us in capturing Dawood Ibrahim. While a few in probe agencies believe Rajan can spill the beans on the D-gang. Once close friends, Dawood and Rajan parted ways over the former’s role in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts. Rajan had told media in Bali that his arrest was orchestrated as he was facing threat from Dawood. He was wanted for crimes like murder, extortion, smuggling and drug trafficking.

As far as, bringing back Dawood is concerned, Pakistan has been denying presence of Dawood on its soil. India had also released documentary evidence along with Dawood’s photograph ahead of the National Security Advisor (NSA)-level talks between India and Pakistan earlier this year. The talks, however, were cancelled later. Indian intelligence agencies also have documents that show that Dawood’s family members travelled between Pakistan and Dubai. They also have evidences of Dawood’s Pakistani passport. With passport numbers, flight and passenger manifest details available with Indian agencies, there is enough evidence that Dawood and his family stays in Karachi.

The dossier on Dawood and his reported dens was made on the basis of intelligence inputs that say there are four new safe havens in Pakistan, including two each in Islamabad and Karachi. Three years ago, New Delhi had tracked three locations of Dawood and the same was communicated to Islamabad. But all efforts to repatriate him went in vain.

Dawood assets were auctioned by Maharashtra government in the recent times, a farmland, a restaurant and a car all auctioned, which once belonged to India’s most wanted man, fugitive Mumbai mafia don. From Interpol to Mumbai police, everyone has failed to trace him for decades, but for as little as Rs. 4,000 ($60), bidders snapped up a car he purportedly owned – a 15-year-old green Hyundai Accent Sedan now parked in a working-class Mumbai suburb. USA can trace Osama but failed to nab Dawood. The properties, sequestered more than a decade ago, make up only a tiny fraction of Ibrahim’s assets. Some have already been put up for sale but remain mostly unwanted, as buyers stay away. A crowd gathered outside a down-at-heel south Mumbai hotel where this auction took place, along with a tight security. Whatsoever, but catching Don would be great task for now. Dawood still has strong hold on the city. He has his deep rooted connections in government and police force.

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