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Avoid noise pollution this Deepavali

Deepavali or the Festival of lights is an important and popular festival celebrated throughout the country. It falls on the last day of the dark half of Kartika (October-November). Deepavali is associated with several legends. One myth says that on this auspicious day Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, roams about and visits the house of people. It also commemorates the triumph of the good over the evil (or triumph of God Rama over Ravana and Rama’s return to Ayodhya.) It is also on this day that Krishna killed the demon Nakasura.

A few days before the festival, the houses are whitewashed and completely cleaned. The courtyards, the gates and the place of worship are decorated with bandnavars, flowers, intricate colours paperwork and at night every nook and corner of the house etc. is illuminated with earthen lamps, candles and fireworks are displayed. People get up early in the morning in the south and have bath and move about freely in an atmosphere of gaiety, mirth, rejoicing and festivity. Lots of sweets are prepared and exchanged. At night Lakshmi along with Ganesh is worshipped, old accounts are closed and new accounts are opened with fresh account books.

Deepavali also marks the advent of new season and the sowing of new crops. Thus, this great festival of lights symbolises man’s urge to move towards light of truth from darkness of ignorance and unhappiness. It is wise to play safe during Diwali to avoid major fire accidents. The pollution in the air is harmful to lungs and people have to wear mask or stay indoors during the peak time when crackers are busted.

Noise pollution is a nuisance. There is no doubt about it. Noise pollution is causing innumerable problems during this Diwali Festival season. Despite clear cut instruction to reduce noise levels, some citizens overdo things and create hindrance to patients, children and seniors in the society. This Deepavali festival saw the noise levels reaching a new high and the people in the Metro will have to bear the noise level reaching a new high with bursting of loud fire crackers.

A person exposed to such noise for a long time may grow deaf.  Those who live in cities are affected by several ailments that include vegetative vascular dystonia, heart failure, dyspepsia and headaches. It is better to cover the face while driving a vehicle through a highway. Noise pollution or unwanted poisonous smoke is yet another form of environmental disturbance.  It is dangerous for human lives. It affects the brain and prolonged exposure to noise may cause blood vessels to contract, sometimes resulting in hypertension. Thus it can be said that pollution of any kind causes serious damage to man, animals, birds, aquatic life, crops and vegetation. High noise level is simply a nuisance. To add salt to the wound, the thick smog and the poisonous smoke make things more uncomfortable. It is time to celebrate more eco-friendly Deepavali in future and people should follow this in true spirits.

I wish all readers a Happy Deepavali.

C.K. Subramaniam

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