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Ballot overpowers bullet in Kashmir

The high voter turnout in Jammu & Kashmir elections is indeed good news for India. Hats off to the Election Commission, security forces and our political leaders for ensuring that elections were held in a conducive atmosphere – considering the volatile situation the nation still faces across the border. But, most importantly, the people of the Valley deserve applause as they came out boldly to cast their votes despite the boycott call by the separatists. The people of J&K have sent out a powerful message to the world that democracy is thriving and will thrive at any cost in the state. They have given a fitting reply to Pakistan which has been waging a proxy war against us.

The huge turnout for the Lok Sabha elections in the Valley shows that citizens are tired of the endless militant activities and the presence of the army in the region. Now that people have put their faith in the democratic system, religious polarization by political parties in J &K should be stopped immediately.

This landmark election will usher in a change in the region. Voters in J & K were not carried away by the tall promises and assurances made by the politicians. The people of Kashmir have backed the Indian government and it’s time for the government to pay back.

However the neighbouring nation and terrorists could not digest these facts and endorse the wishes of the J&K people. They once again waged a proxy war by sending hard core terrorists with whom our jawans had to wage a battle in which not less 21 soldiers and security forces were killed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked Pakistan to stop waging “proxy war” and halt ceasefire violations across the borders and unprovoked firing on our soldiers, to pave way for “peaceful talks” . He even raised this matter in his address in the UN and also in the SAARC meeting held in Nepal. These have had no effect on the terrorists as they infiltrated in Kashmir and began attacking our soldiers indiscriminately.

I think we have lost more soldiers in these “proxy wars” on the borders than we would in the conventional war. Why not isolate Pakistan till it stops terrorism activities? No diplomatic relations, no cultural and bilateral relations, no commerce and trade, no transport and no sports too. Stop the so called peace talks forever.

In the name of “peace talks”, all we have witnessed is the visit of Pakistan PM, certain dignitaries and officials, photo-ops with Indian officials followed by a visit to the Taj Mahal. In all such meetings the decisions taken are only to have another round of meetings and talks at a later date; and this has been going on for several decades.

I would also wish to ask how long we are going to refer to “IT” as Pakistan occupied Kashmir? Are our politicians and leaders not ashamed to see our territory being referred to as “Pak Occupied”? Do we have something called “India occupied Karachi” (IOK) or Bharat occupied Islamabad (BOI) ? Why can’t we take this matter up at the UN/global/international level and get back this so called Pak-Occupied Kashmir and make this as an integral part of J&K, for once and for all? No doubt war is not the solution…..but at least let the government have courage to take tough decision? ‘


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