Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Ban the bans

This season belongs to bans and we are embarrassed in such ticklish situation as there is stiff resistance for such events to take place in Mumbai. Backing out at the eleventh hour despite the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’s assurance and that too due to political pressure is not in good taste. Indian culture is ancient and we give more importance to music from the Mughal days in this country. It is matter of time we realise the real value of music before taking into account the political angle of such memorable ghazal concerts and other musical performances involving Pakistani artists.

If the political pressure is exercised with proper reasoning then the same can be considered by looking into pros and cons. However, beef ban appears to be rather silly as people follow their own eating habits. Why then so much fuss and it is time to ensure that no controversy is created in permitting such actions without any bias. There lies the success in implementing such bans. Anyway ban is not the end solution.

It is indeed precarious position in this country that even trivial issues are taken rather seriously and ban is enforced. It is a sort of virus catching up with the people in India. Beef banning touched a new low and went to the extent of murdering a person in this regard. It is notable that the members of minority community are religiously ordained to eat beef while observing a certain holy festival. Cow slaughter is banned as it is a sacred animal.

Again, perpetrating problem in Pakistani ghazal singer is yet another episode, which is causing ripples in the minds of people loving art, culture and music.  As lovers of music, we like the ghazals of both Ghulam Ali and Pankaj Udhas in the same manner. We should broaden the horizon and make sure that the Government at the centre and at the State should not encourage such ban under political pressure. It is indeed a timid approach to the problem in hand.  Thus the plays about nuns were also banned. Hopefully, we will be in a position to shed our narrow outlook and make our mind for a free India in future. Better council should prevail in dealing with such sensitive matters of mutual interest.

C.K. Subramaniam

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