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Bhagwat shuts criticism over Mukherjee’s attendance at RSS event

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Thursday said the controversy surrounding former president Dr Pranab Mukherjee’s visit here was uncalled for as it was organisation’s tradition to invite people not ascribing to its ideology.

Addressing the RSS cadres at the event, Bhagwat thanked Mukherjee for coming and said, “The Sangh is the Sangh. Pranab Mukherjee will be Pranab Mukherjee. Attending RSS event won’t change his ideology. The RSS event takes place in the same way, year after year. We call dignitaries every year, those who can come and grace the event with their presence. But all the discussion and opposition around who visits us and when, is meaningless.”

Bhagwat also explained his rationale behind inviting Mukherjee and said, “The organisation attempts to cultivate people, who lead by example in every nook and corner of the country.”

Bhagwat said that the RSS does not discriminate between Indian citizens, in fact, believes in unity in diversity. He added that an unregulated power can be dangerous for society.

“Despite all our differences, we are sons of mother India. RSS does not discriminate between Indian citizens. No Indian citizen is an alien for us. RSS believes in unity in diversity. Every citizen born in India is an Indian. It is his/her right to worship our motherland,” he said.

Continuing his tirade against the criticism, the RSS chief further said the political differences are dangerous and are dividing the nation.

Bhagwat said, “Only when society at large participates in nation building, only then can governments deliver. Even before independence, everybody agreed that we need to work together for the nation but political differences are now dividing us. The nation’s future depends on common citizens.”

Bhagwat further said that everyone has a right to have a political opinion, but there is a limit to opposing it.

“We should realise that we are working for the betterment of the same country but some groups have selfish motives. Governments can do a lot but cannot keep an eye in every sphere. We need to take up the role individually as well,” the RSS chief said.

Bhagwat asserted that the RSS is trying to bring everyone together in the country and not trying to establish itself as a Hindu outfit, “We must have a democratic mind.”

Bhagwat reiterated that knowledge is the force that has the ability to unite India.

“RSS was founded in 1925 and grew despite so many obstacles. RSS is very popular; we get to love and affection from the society. We are a large organisation today but we cannot stop here. We are not working for popularity or fame. We want to take the country forward at all times,” he said.

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