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BJP cannot achieve anything by harassing the Gandhi family

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Currently, India is facing criticism from many nations. China has encroached on borders, but the government failed to address the issues, the foreign countries are dominant over several issues. In this drill, Narendra Modi lost his credibility as the strongest leader. To divert attention from embarrassing moments, ED is unleashed against the Gandhi family, the favourite target of the BJP and Modi. Remember what Rahul Gandhi once said in his political rally? He said BJP cannot arrest me under corruption charges, but they can definitely harass or eliminate me. This is happening right now. The Enforcement Directorate might find nothing against Rahul Gandhi or his mother Sonia Gandhi but to divert the attention of the Nation they are playing their role.

There are a series of media trials and live coverage on when Rahul Gandhi left his home, who accompanied him and what he wore to what he looked like. The media is fooling common people by wasting crucial news time in the name of such gossip. Well, Rahul Gandhi gracefully appeared before the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for the third consecutive day today in an alleged money laundering case linked to the National Herald newspaper. He has been questioned for over 25 hours since Monday but ED could not draw any conclusion. It’s quite similar to what Sameer Wankhede of the NCB was assigned to trap Bollywood actors and investigate them for hours. The end result we all know, the officer had to leave Mumbai on a humiliating note.

Rahul Gandhi was accompanied by his sister and Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as his convoy whizzed past police barricades thronged by party supporters. Police detained several Congress workers from outside the party headquarters and the ED office where they held demonstrations and chanted slogans to support Rahul Gandhi. Videos showed some of the Youth Congress and Mahila Congress workers being dragged and taken away in buses. See how BJP has revived the dead party. Delhi police forcefully entered the Congress headquarters.

Rahul Gandhi’s statement was recorded in multiple sessions under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) by the probe agency officials. Congress has maintained that Rahul Gandhi’s questioning by the probe agency is part of the ruling BJP’s “vendetta politics” to silence the voice of opposition. Sonia Gandhi, who has also been summoned for questioning, will depose before the probe agency on June 23. The Congress president was admitted to the hospital on Sunday owing to Covid-related issues.

The case pertains to the ED probe into the alleged financial irregularities between Young Indian and Associated Journals Ltd (AJL), which publishes the National Herald newspaper. As Rahul Gandhi’s interrogation by the Enforcement Directorate entered its third consecutive day, his party, the Congress, has sent a legal notice to the government which alleges that the media is being fed incorrect information to misreport how Rahul Gandhi is handling his questioning.

Rahul Gandhi is the most fearless leader but the media and ruling party leaders successfully created a perception of him. Remember the vein, incompetent, ignorant, entitled and foolish – are five words which were used to describe a Fifty-year-old Man in the year 1924. He was 50 Years old and mocked by everyone in the country. The Times ignored him; the Telegraph mocked him for his imperialist views; the Guardian mocked him for his gaffes on the Boer War and South African history. They ridiculed His speeches. They mocked him for Gallipoli the greatest debacle during World War.

But when he died, – He was the greatest Prime Minister in the History of the United Kingdom. Rising from Obscurity at 66 – in 1940 – when he died – he had almost every leader in the free world writing obituaries in his honour and a Monarch accompanying his funeral – The First time and only time in British History that a Monarch would accompany a Prime Minister’s funeral. Nobody remembers those who mocked him. Everyone Remembers Winston Churchill. In a matter of 15 years from 1940 to 1955 – he changed the world. He still continued to be as racist as ever, as ignorant as ever and continued his gaffes – but he showed mettle and leadership that nobody believed was possible in him even when he was 60 years old. I don’t say Rahul Gandhi will be Churchill. What I am saying is nobody knows what the future holds.

 Unfortunately, BJP is very much nervous about the Gandhi family and Congress. Their every action leads to unknown insecurity. So, they say that Rahul Gandhi is nobody but somewhere they all know he can show his eyes to the PM of India and expose the BJP. Rahul Gandhi is much stronger, fearless, honest, and truthful than the current BJP leadership. When Rahul Gandhi started his political career in 2004, the masses accepted him as a youth icon. He had the aura of his father and grandmother. He served the party rather than going for a cabinet ministry. Congress’s top brass was ageing in 2009.

Rahul had the responsibility of carrying the legacy. The opposition found an opportunity to malign him. It took them five long years to spoil his image with help from social media. But despite all that, Rahul might have put down, but not out. He is gaining experience and becoming stronger. And the opposition fears that. Hence, they are severe on him to bring down his morale. But this would be their last attempt.

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