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BJP Spokie shares his #Hetoo story & exposes a doctor

The #Metoo movement was started with an objective where women can come forward to share the sexual harassment incidents undergone by them. However, many people have started misusing this campaign for gaining publicity and political mileage. Delhi BJP spokesperson Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga has become the latest victim of the #Metoo campaign, where allegations levelled against him by Dr. Jwala Gurunath almost three years back, has once again come to haunt him. Jwala has once again made the same allegations against Bagga which she had made earlier.

Bagga shared his #Hetoo story that happened a few years back while Afternoon Voice already had published a story earlier: “I am waiting for Law to do justice; I don’t want Twitter justice: Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga”  where Bagga alleged dirty game being played against him to gain political advantage. As we stated in the story, on December 24-25, 2015, Jwala had sent Bagga some screenshots of Twitter regarding a fight that was happening between her and right-winger Nupur Sharma. Since Bagga has a huge social media following, she asked him to defend her by posting abusive tweets against Nupur which Bagga rejected to do. Since then, Jwala took onto Twitter to defame him on all manners.

According to him, people like Dr. Jwala Gurunath is trying to malign the #Metoo movement by making false allegations against him. Besides, JNU student activist Shehla Rashid has been making allegations against Bagga for garnering political mileage.

When Shehla Rashid and Bagga were involved in a Twitter spat on the sexual harassment issue, Dr. Jwala Gurunath also attacked him. Bagga later released a video on Youtube which contained several screenshots, events, and call recordings showing how he was falsely implicated in the case then and how these ladies are trying to blackmail him under the garb of the #Metoo movement.

Bagga posted a video online and mentioned that almost three years back, he had a conversation with Jwala on Twitter and later, they became good friends. Jwala had a tiff with Nupur Sharma as the former sought Bagga’s assistance to abuse her. When Bagga refused to assist Jwala, she warned him of dire consequences.

Speaking to Afternoon Voice, Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga said, “On January 1, 2016, Jwala alleged that when I was in Bengaluru, I had requested her whether I can sleep at her residence. Jwala then started calling me a molester. I sent her a legal notice on January 5, 2016. When I tweeted the same, Jwala tried to save herself and filed a case against me on January 8, 2016. She also alleged that I used to make casteist remarks against her and filed false charges against me under the SC/SC Act. When a complaint is filed under the SC/ST Act, an FIR was registered and a bail was granted later. I had fought the case in the court for six months. I refused to take up this matter on social media and news channels and planned to fight a legal battle.”

Two years after this incident when the #Metoo movement started, Jwala again started making allegations against Bagga. Subsequently, Shehla Rashid started supporting Jwala and began politicising this issue. Since the allegations were made against Bagga in the last few years, hence, he tried to clear the air. He shared the WhatsApp chats and other communication backups in his video. Later, Bagga approached the court and presented his point of view.

The court forwarded a notice to Jwala. It asked Jwala to present the ‘missed call record’ as the evidence which was shared earlier as screenshots and was ‘fake’ as per Bagga. Bagga stated that Jwala didn’t turn up to the court as she possessed fake evidence. Since Jwala had lost her father during that time when the case was under judiciary, Bagga waited and presented the case again after three months. The court once again sent notice to Jwala and asked her to appear before the court. He alleged that how Jwala had used the social media to tarnish his reputation. Bagga shared some screenshots of the chat he had with Jwala in which she told him that she is coming to Delhi and whether he will meet him and these chats were dated 22 days prior to the complaint she had filed against him on December 9, 2015. After not receiving a favourable reply from Bagga, Jwala said that it is better to meet him in Bengaluru.

Bagga raised a question — how can a woman, who had made sexual harassment allegations against him, speak to him in this friendly manner? He had to undergo severe hardships as the Karnataka Police had reached Delhi to arrest him. One year later, when Bagga became the BJP spokesperson, journalist Swati Chaturvedi alleged that ‘a molester’ was appointed for this post. Another journalist Rifat Jawaid also alleged that Bagga is involved in molestation activities.

In a reply to the alleged expose by Bagga, Dr. Jwala Gurunath tweeted stating, “This is not #Metoo moron. You called 33 times from airport. I have told this several times. You can’t break me with a silly video. You exist only on Twitter. Your whole house is just equal to my kitchen. Poor moron go make a house.”

After the alleged expose of Delhi BJP spokesperson Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga against Dr. Jwala Gurunath on Youtube, Afternoon Voice tried to connect the doctor but was unable to reach her.


Also read the story that AV carried earlier where Bagga alleged dirty game being played against him to gain political advantage:


Below shared is the link of the video that Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga had shared on the YouTube with all the evidences:


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