Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Breathe easy during week-end

It is a welcome news that the pollution levels in the city dipped significantly bringing its air quality index in the moderate category after an eight day itch. Space crunch is a part and parcel for a Metropolis like Mumbai. To make use of the available space in the best way possible is a tough task. Comparing to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai is having sufficient space. Even the Metro Project underway in Mumbai could have started in Navi Mumbai first and then extended to Mumbai in a phased manner. Despite the shortage of space, Mumbaikars lead a good social life. BMC should be able to provide more open spaces with parks attached to gardens in all the focal points of the city. For morning walker, these open spaces provides best source for breathing fresh air. There is pollution all round in Mumbai, and the open spaces are the source of getting fresh air. Even cleaning of the park areas can be carried out during night, so that people can get the benefit of fresh air early morning instead of just breathing polluted air spread in the atmosphere by sweeping the area and burning the waste near the Park. Let us hope that better council will prevail and the air quality will improve from now on.

Calicut Krishnan

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