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Caitlyn Jenner weighs in on new transgender film Tangerine

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CaitlynJenner_060115Copy_ren640Caitlyn Jenner has “learned so much” since coming out as transgender.

The 66-year-old former Olympian – who was previously known as Bruce Jenner – admits her own experiences were “isolated” and she could relate to the issues raised in “brutally honest” new movie Tangerine, which follows two trans women.

Speaking at a screening of the film, she said: “To me the movie was so educational.

“Honestly, I learned so much…over the last nine months that I’ve been out I’ve learned so much about this community. And I was totally isolated.

“I obviously couldn’t out myself for so many years….but this is a process of education.”

Tangerine – which was shot on an iPhone and highlights obstacles black trans women face, such as routine harassment and sex work – is tipped for Oscar success and Caitlyn thinks it’s important as many people as possible see the movie because it is so “honest”.

Speaking at the screening in Los Angeles on Monday night, she said: “We have a lot of momentum in the trans community, but we have to keep that momentum going.

“Movies like this are so important, because this is about honesty, this is about actually what happens out there in the community.”

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