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Karnataka awaits a stable government


n such a fractured scenario prevailing in Karnataka, the Governor as the Constitutional head was expected to discuss with all parties and then decide on extending the invitation to BJP for forming a government. The BJP loyalist and RSS cadre gave unconditional support to BJP and asked its CM candidate to swear in. With BJP falling short of a majority and no alliance worked out, it is but obvious they will fail the floor test. Congress- JD(S) combine stands a definite chance of proving majority if their MLAs are still not compromised or sold.

Interestingly, if you peep in time, in the overthrow of DMK government in 1977, it was made clear that the Governor should not remain a silent spectator but is expected to watch the probable. If Yeddyurappa fails floor test it is not only that Congress-JD(S) combine will be invited but also their government might have a strained relation with the Governor from the start, which is not acceptable. Hence, failure of BJP in the floor test means, it will be relegated to the opposition and the Governor has to go.

BJP wants power in Karnataka by hook or crook. The party’s enemies JD(S) and Congress joined hands to grab the opportunity post-polls because it is the question of Congress’s survival. Karnataka Governor wants to please Prime Minister Narendra Modi and was generous enough to give Yeddyurappa 15 days to prove his majority. When people have given a verdict of 104 seats to BJP, from where will they manage to bring remaining MLAs for attaining a majority of 112 seats? Now, with only a less number of seats JD(S) leader Kumaraswamy wants to become the CM. Without a majority, Yeddyurappa has already become the CM despite pending floor test decision. The big fish is eating small fishes. This seems to be the law of our Land. The justification for the 15 days period to prove majority, has now become a guess!

Meanwhile, coming to the point about the presence of corrupt leaders in BJP, similar kind of members exist in other parties too. Let them take floor test, instead of that, they are hoarding their MLAs saying they will be poached. But, in reality they themselves lack confidence in their own people who have won the elections in their party’s name. If Yeddyurappa does not withdraw from the demonstration of majority before the floor test and loses the battle, it will certainly damage the BJP’s image irreparably, with a good chance that BJP would lose Karnataka forever for choosing a wrong candidate along with corrupt Reddy brothers. People will make fun of Prime Minister’s claim of making Karnataka a Congress-free state, which he already flopped because the vote share of Congress is larger than the BJP. Modi could not create that wave of 2014 this time. BJP needs to understand that the Karnataka has not voted them whole-heartedly. And even Congress needs to get the facts correct that their CM candidate lost his seat from one of the constituency. JD(S) was anyway a middlemen party; they were just waiting for an opportunity to rule. So completely accusing BJP won’t be fair.

In the year 1996 similar incident had occurred as the Gujarat state’s BJP government had fallen thanks to Congress’ Governor Krishnapal Singh. Shankersinh Vaghela along with his deputy Dilip Parikh were the masterminds who had open support of Congress to split the BJP and bring the state BJP government down. They along with Congress resorted to violence inside the state assembly where a no-confidence motion was to be voted and which in all probability was certain to be defeated. Speaker suspended entire opposition for a day. Motion was tabled and the government proved its numbers. But here comes the twist. Congress Governor declares based on the pandemonium by Congress + Vaghela factions that the law and order machinery had collapsed in the entire state and that there was a constitutional crisis. After having surpassed his constitutional reach and jumping into the executive’s functioning, he sent a report to the central government. Within 15 minutes of the file reaching the then PM’s table, the state government of Gujarat was dismissed and President’s rule imposed. This was immediately after having proved majority on the floor of the house. Vaghela later became the CM for just a year and was succeeded by Parikh who remained CM for 2.5 months. Congress pulled out support from both. Fresh elections were held, and Vaghela’s strength was reduced from 47 to 4, Congress was kicked out and Keshubhai was voted back as CM. See, how this story is relevant after 22 years in Karnataka, now those quoting verses of morality, constitutional ethics and conventions were perpetrators of murdering democracy and numerous elected governments.

The Gujarat state BJP chief in 1996 was Vajubhai Vala who today is the Governor of Karnataka. And the PM who imposed President’s rule was none other than HD Deve Gowda. Cong-JD(S) wants Vajubhai to be merciful reminding him of his duty. But then there’s Karma- ‘Catches all, spares none’. If BJP is doing murder of democracy, then Congress had carried out several terrorist attacks in the name of democracy in the past like imposing President’s rule and emergency.

Let us discuss floor test, which so ever party secures a majority, the Governor needs to ensure that government formed is a stable one. The manner in which Congress is hiding their MLAs does not give anyone confidence that Congress-JD(S) is going to be a stable government. Neither does BJP have the numbers. However, the Congress-JD(S) who were opposing each other till few hours before the result, have jumped in together with the only motive of not allowing BJP to come into power. How are they going to ensure a stable government? Besides, there are MLAs in their ranks that are apparently not happy with this coalition. If this is true, they defect. Finally, BJP has a better chance of ensuring a stable government provided they prove majority in the floor test…

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Dr Vaidehi Taman
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