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CBI vs CBI: The game of Corruption – Part IV

Now, according to sources, Nageshwar Rao had instructed the I.O. Velayutham to give a closure report in the aforementioned RC and accordingly a report stating that the Bank has not suffered any loss, the amount due is recovered and no further action is required and the report has been approved and sent to Delhi by Nageshwara Rao. The sources also reveal that Nageshwar Rao is strongly connected with the Telugu officers in Tamil Nadu and is in the habit of passing on several sensitive information to the officers. One such officer, who is regularly in touch with Nageswara Rao, is former Chief Secretary of TN, Ram Mohana Rao.

Nageshwar Rao, a clever operator, managed to suppress this complaint, with the help of K V Chowdary, the present Central Vigilance Commissioner, who is the nodal authority for induction and repatriation of officers in the CBI. Though the present CBI Director, after making due verification, tried to repatriate Rao, K V Chowdary, shot down his proposal, say sources. The failure of the CBI’s top echelon to properly vet Nageshwar Rao before inducting him into the CBI had proved very costly. In his annual property returns, Nageshwar Rao had declared that during his tenure as IG (Operations), Central Reserve Police Force, his wife Mannem Sandhya had purchased a land at Pedapalakaluru village, in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh to an extent of 13,668 Sq. Ft, with a built in area of 6563 sq. ft. along with her brother Ratna Babu at her cost of Rs 20 lakhs. The source of funds for this purchase has been shown as loan from a firm named Angela Mercantiles Private Limited, Kolkata.

The firm Angela Mercantiles Private Limited is a shell company functioning from C.A.39, Salt Lake City, Sector I, Parganas North, Kolkatta. Apart from this Angela Mercantiles, several group of shell companies belonging to the same set of accused are reported to be functioning out of two small rooms at C.A.39, Salt Lake City, Sector.I, Parganas North, Kolkatta and another at 5 Clive Row, Room No.42P, Sarvamangala Building, Kolkata. The records of this firm were obtained from Registrar of Companies. Documents revealed that M Sandhya had given a loan of Rs 38,27,141 to this company, which was outstanding as of March 31, 2013. This M Sandhya is none other than the wife of Nageshwar Rao. Mannem Sandhya had suppressed her husband’s name from the RoC records and had instead used her father’s name – Chinnam Vishnu Narayana in all the records.

During his tenure in his parent cadre, Odisha, Nageshwar Rao had in the year 2011, purchased a government land using forged documents at Khurda, Odisha, from a lady. Due to the reasons that remain unclear, the deal fell through and litigation in this regard is pending in 14th Additional Civil Court, Khurda in Civil Suit No. 9211/2015. Sources say, M N Rao entered into an out of court settlement with the seller and got back the money he had paid with a pecuniary advantage of about Rs 7 lakhs over and above his investment. A detailed source report was sent to the CBI Director, Alok Kumar Verma, following which he had ordered a discreet enquiry into allegations on Nageshwar Rao. Alarmingly, the discreet enquiry had thrown up enough material not only to repatriate Nageshwar Rao out of the CBI, but also to launch prosecution against him, add sources. However, due to the backing of Central Vigilance Commissioner K V Chowdary, who put his foot down and refused to permit the CBI Director, to take any sort of action against Nageshwar Rao, nothing could be done.

A helpless CBI Director, decided to save the cases at least from going down the drain. Swiftly, Alok Verma ordered the transfer of the investigation of important cases from Chennai Zone of CBI to the Banking and Securities Fraud Cell (BSFC) of Bengaluru. Nageshwar Rao’s jurisdiction does not extend to BSFC and it works under the direct supervision of a separate Joint Director, meant exclusively for BSFC. Though everyone believes, the CBI, to be an all-powerful and professional agency, too has its own black sheep which it is not able to weed out. In a democracy, the faith on the agencies like the judiciary and the CBI keeps the hopes of common man afloat. Black sheep like Nageshwar Rao will erode that confidence and lead to anarchy. Even in these worst of times, people need something to hold on to. Removal of Nageshwar Rao from the CBI and a thorough follow up investigation alone will rekindle that hope which has hit the rock bottom

Now, the question arises that if at all the both CBI bosses were removed because of corruption charges and to hold a free and fair probe against them, how could the central government and CVC approve of the appointment of an officer like Nageshwar Rao who is himself accused of bailing out the corrupts and is himself is accused of corruption? It is to be noted that in Andhra/Telangana, Tamil Nadu, this man is known for his corrupt practices. Isn’t this the hypocrisy of the government and the CVC? We need these questions to be answered. Meanwhile, Verma has gone to the Supreme Court against this decision of the CVC and the government; his petition has been accepted and the Supreme Court ordered the CVC to complete its enquiry against CBI Director Alok Verma in two weeks under court monitoring and asked interim director M Nageshwar Rao to refrain from taking any policy decisions. If at all the judgement goes in favour of Verma, it will be a monumental embarrassment for the present day government. The game has just begun.


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Dr Vaidehi Taman
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