Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Celestial choice as CM

Bold and purposeful move saw BJP picks up Adityanath as Chief Minister after all speculations ripens in the wake of landslide victory in UP. A celestial touch is given to the Chief Minister post and second top job will be handled by a veterans to assist Yogi. In a sudden and surprising move, the firebrand leader is going to occupy the hot seat. It was very clever move as the BJP high command played its card close to the chest and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah played the trump card to silence the critics. The big picture emerged as Yogi got the coveted post. It is for the first time two deputy chief ministers are picked up to give stability to the top leadership in the state. UP as the largest state in the country saw BJP pocketing the power and the struggle for top post was on ever since the win. One can consider this a victory for RSS but Modi means business and he will never let loose weak links in the formation of the ministry.

M.R. Jayanthy

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