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Cell phone towers pose health risks

Today mobile has become a vital device to connect with other people.  We can easily interact with our friends or send message to them by using mobile phones. Especially since the debut of ‘Smartphone’ technology in the mobile phone services, it made a revolutionary and progressive change in the world. But in the blind race to become tech-savvy we forgot to pay attention on few aspects that are harmful to our health. The mobile tower which plays an important role in exchanging the data or message from mobile is one of them. At present majority of us spends a lot of time on mobile but an ordinary person fails to understand that the device emits radiations which is harmful to our health.

However the radiations emitted by the cell phone is negligible compared to those radioactive waves which originates from towers, placed in our locality. Today the cities, towns and villages situated between the mesh of mobile towers seems just like the cooking food in microwave oven. While sleeping we can switch off our phone or place it at a safe distance for our safety but unfortunately we cannot do anything about those towers which are installed near our building and spreading radioactive waves 24×7. There are many cases to prove about the radiation emitted by these towers which is hazardous to our health.

Consequently, it increases the risk of diseases like cancer, memory loss, lack of concentration, headaches and disabilities from birth. Also the think tank of International Association for Research of Cancer (IARC) considered towers as a major factor for rising cancer cases. Moreover, the mobile phone towers are crowding the skyline and make the air-toxic. There are indicative studies to prove that these radiations are most harmful for people living in 300 metre radius. Pregnant women and children are at a higher risk than other human beings.
In western countries, mobile towers are prohibited in places that are densely populated. They are erected on highways or hills where people cannot come in its direct connect every time. According to the directives issued by the court, towers should not be installed near hospitals and schools, but it is not strictly followed by the mobile companies.

Not only human beings but also birds have become the worst victim of radiation. According to environmentalists the population of house sparrows, eagles, vultures etc has dwindled considerably in recent years due to increasing cell phone towers. Environmentalists say that mobile phone and towers emits a frequency of 900 to 1,800 MHz called Micro Waves. These waves can damage bird’s egg and embryos. They also harms thin skull of chicks and egg cells. Now, the government have to find the solution for enhancing safety of living beings otherwise it can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Vivekanand V. Vimarya

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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