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Child rape shame the country

Child rape, India child rape, child rape in india, india child rapeIndia is such a country that is compared to a mother. However, it is regretful to say that mothers and sisters are not safe in a motherland. Even small-minded children are not safe. The government of India has taken thousands of initiatives for the development of women. It is a pride for our country that our former foreign minister was a woman, the Speaker of the Parliament was a woman, and many other ministers of the government, VCs of the universities, and IPS officers are women. Despite the status of women being so high in our beloved country, they are constantly being reported every day to be the victims of violence. So, what exactly is the problem? One way, just by blaming the government, we can get rid of it. However, did you ever think about what you are doing for the empowerment of women?

However, for our own dirty mind, women think that they are consumer goods. If the news came on the TV screen you will find such dirty people in the comment room. Why does she not wear the hijab, is she just raped? Surely the girl is in trouble, this situation for the parents, if she wears would have been like this? There are thousands of such comments when they are there. There is no major headache in the work of such a big inhuman act or with the punishment of rapists. All of them are interested in that girl. Only the events that triggered viral stirred up only for some time and then became silent again.

If you do not agree with the argument, they are tortured due to the women’s dress, but what? You cannot get rid of the little children, who are also the victim of this crime? This is not the age for children to understand anything. Why is this torture over them?

I heard a 6-month-old child was raped by his own uncle a few days ago. SIX months! Just six months. The world has not learned to understand anything. A few days ago another religious teacher was arrested for torturing small children. If a religious teacher is doing this disgusting thing, then who will the people trust? They only stigmatise religious in religious clothes.

Another 7-year-old child has been brutally murdered after rape. I couldn’t sleep after watching the news. The inside is fluttering. How can people be so inhuman?

The highest pendency under POCSO was recorded in Uttar Pradesh (44,376 cases) followed by Maharashtra (19,968) and Madhya Pradesh (9878) with there being a steady flow of 33,000 fresh cases getting registered across the country each year.

Actually, as long as we can change ourselves, the problem will never be solved because of the religion or government’s sake. Besides, if the rapists were arranged for severe punishment then someone would think ten times before committing a crime.  Most of the times criminals get away with the shadow of influential people.

How long shall we tolerate? When will our mothers and sisters walk safely? When will the oppression of women from this country stop?

When we see the faces of these oppressed small children, the hearts call out “Ah India, Shame! Shame!”

Strict legal and administrative actions are needed to change this mindset. Only stricter punishments like death penalty can stop the rapists.

Dear beloved brothers, we would remember that every woman is a sister or mother of someone. She needs to be protected and respected. She is an equal partner of a man in all walks of life and hence must be treated accordingly.

-By Jamil Ahmed Qasmi

(The author of the article is a Social activist.)

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