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China, Russia fed up with US hegemony: Chinese daily


China and Russia have decided to deepen their ties because they are “fed up with Washington’s pursuit of hegemony”, a prominent Chinese daily said on Monday.

Describing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to China on Saturday as “brief but productive”, the Global Times said Moscow and Beijing vowed to strengthen global strategic stability in joint statement.

They also showed support to each other on core-interest issues.

The daily said in an editorial although the statements avoided mentioning the US, the problems they pointed out can be connected to it.

“‘To strengthen global strategic stability’ is a new way of speaking to remind people of the US being the biggest source of global strategic risks,” said the daily that is known to reflect the views of the Chinese leadership.

“The joint statements (show) both Beijing and Moscow are fed up with Washington’s pursuit of hegemony.

“Beijing and Moscow have confirmed that their relationship is not an alliance, and it is not aimed at a third party. The affirmation is not rhetoric, but their real deliberation.

“A China-Russia alliance, which will bring a game-changing impact on world order, is not in the interests of either side.

“They are more willing to develop all-out diplomacy and maintain a normal relationship with the Western world.

“However, the US efforts to encroach on China and Russia’s strategic room has rendered an interdependence between Beijing and Moscow over some core interest issues.”

The daily said that forced by the US’ relentless efforts to squeeze China and Russia’s strategic room, Beijing and Moscow have to deal with the US back-to-back.

“China and Russia have achieved agreements on principles such as opposing interference in other countries’ internal affairs in the name of defending human rights, and double-standards in counterterrorism…

“The US is unable to beat down the Chinese dragon and the Russian bear at the same time.”

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