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Christmas is the festival of Peace, Joy and Enthusiasm

The festival of Christmas or the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ is celebrated with great cheer and enthusiasm all over India by the Christians. Christmas is also an occasion of family reunion. The members of the family living and working at a distance and different places join together in merry-making at one place and enjoy themselves.

The man behind the story of Christmas and Santa Claus assumed much importance. St. Nicholas was a Bishop who lived in the fourth century in a place called Myra, gave a shot to celebrate the festival with much fanfare. He was a very rich man because his parents died when he was young and left him a lot of money. He was willing to part gift and that became a practice. In this year’s demonetisation may not lose the spirit of Santa Claus handing over gifts to children.

As Christmas is coming on the eve of New Year, the celebrations assume greater importance with special prayers for Jesus. Mid-night prayers take place on the eve of Christmas and culminate with people of all ages participate in mass prayers. As a senior citizen of the country, I feel that India is my country and all the Indians are my brothers and sisters. There is no caste, creed or religion in this country. As such we have freedom to have our own right to join hands with our friends in celebrating December 25 with much ado and happiness.

The celebration for Christmas is on and as a Mumbaikar, I enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere here. In the past, on the eve of Christmas crib making attracted very much and regularly take a snap for posterity. I always believe and work for unity in diversity of the country and made good about the memorable events of last year’s Christmas and look for joyous festivity this year. Schools celebrate Christmas party to enhance their spirits and extend their love and affection during the participation of events. Even ladies having kitty party and office parties can have a get together followed by exchanging gifts after a fun game.

Christmas Plum cakes are made of either dried fruits like grapes, currants, raisins or prunes or with fresh fruits depending on one’s taste and preference along with plums as the primary ingredient. Most people prefer adding rum or brandy infused dried fruits in the cake while some may prefer to bake their cake without any alcohol. But what makes plum a traditional treat during Christmas and why is it considered so special? So special indeed on the Christmas eve.

For many Christians, Santa Claus is nothing but a secular distraction to the celebration of one of the greatest events in human history – the birth of the Christ. But try as we might to disassociate Santa from Christmas, he is hard to ignore. His image is everywhere.

I like the Christmas right left game. Of course, all the gifts would need to be suitable for all those attending. If there are kids and adults, I would make two separate circles for playing the game. The right left game involves reading a story that has several rights and lefts in it. Each time the word left is heard, gifts are passed to the left.

Each time the word right is heard, gifts are passed to the right. Have your guests sit in a circle, each with a gift in their lap. Have someone read the story live or tape it beforehand if you want absolutely everyone to participate in passing the gifts. When the story is over, each person gets to keep the gift they have at that time. It is a matter of great fun and frolic for whole country to join the celebrations in a big way.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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