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CIC asks DoPT to issue RTI stamps or numbered RTI coupons

It refers to welcome initiative of Central Information Commission when it has now administratively taken up matter of the issue of RTI stamps or numbered RTI coupons as mode of payment under RTI Act by writing to Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) reminding DoPT of several CIC-verdicts making recommendations in this regard. According to an RTI response, Department of Posts used to spend Rs 37.45 as operational cost for handling a postal-order in the year 2011-12 which must have shot up further by now.

At the same time post-free acceptance of RTI applications addressed to central public-authorities which is presently available only at about 4500 post-offices, should be extended to all about 160000 post-offices in the country. It is not impractical because post-bag carrying registered mail-articles, currency and other revenue-items sent from even smallest post-office to Head post-office can carry post-free RTI applications also.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

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