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Common man’s Mann Ki Baat

Recently, I had an interaction with BJP workers on social media sites, and believe me the experience was an entertainment kind but an eye-opener which really surprised me. The topic was, what are my expectations from Narendra Modi led central government, as PM has asked on Sunday’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ suggestion for his Independence Day speech. However, it is very difficult to make BJP members understand our suggestion or opinion. When a reputed journalist offered her unbiased suggestions, BJP’s spokesperson publicly stated, “Journalism is more about giving news and less about raising their opinions.”  Yet nothing has happened, BJP can definitely come back, however it needs to control its representatives by becoming noisemakers instead of voicemakers. BJP needs spokespersons with wise perception and humility instead of loud tirades completely lacks logic, bursting with self-affiliation.

Dignified mature representation is the need of the hour, who can understand what people want. However, this is not possible with a closed mindset and zero bandwidth. For alternative thinking and constructive criticism, BJP really need change. Today, they are openly smothering the suggestions of the common man under the façade of democratic encouragement. Nevertheless, intentionally or unintentionally, they are displaying an inert dictatorial outlook. As respectable PM wanted to know every individual’s “Mann ki Baat”, then his low valued cadre should show some solidarity and listen to them.

Party loyalty if integrated with honesty is a powerful virtue which will allow them deep insights and empower them to take the nation to the right direction. People have given you this opportunity with lot of expectations so serve them with humility. We commoners are in no illusion about your accomplishments as we are experiencing them every step of our way, in every morsel we eat. It’s the considerable comparative difference what we are looking for. Your promises of raised expectations and high benchmarks for a better India has earned you their vote and honoured you as our leaders. Treat the common man’s suggestions with respect as he is your prospective voter.

I am truly surprised, when spokesperson level leader smother an unbiased journalist who is the voice of the people and discredit her evaluation potential and opinions completely is something shows an ‘arrogant’ attitude of the government.

There is no wonder and very reason, why popularity of this government has come down drastically. Today, when you refer common people as ‘your kind’ and ‘ignorant souls’ you are actually displaying your innermost feelings about the common man. BJP is enamoured in ‘self-glory’ that it has lost focus on humility in the social service.

From your humble commoner and prospective voter.

Rupal Mistry

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)


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