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Conduct fire safety audit at ammunition depot

The fire which erupted at Pulgaon claimed the lives of 20 jawans and caused damage to property. After this incident, questions are being raised about the alleged safety violations at defence establishments in the country. Three nearby villages were evacuated. People from other villages are also being taken to a safe distance. The central ammunition depot at Pulgaon, 110 km from Nagpur, is one India’s biggest ammunition depots and houses the largest stockpile of weapons in the country. The reason behind the blaze is yet to be ascertained. Eyewitnesses and military officials said loud explosions followed a massive fireball at one of the sheds at the depot where ammunition with expired shelf life is also disposed. The depot recently won an award for using solar energy to dispose of expired ammunition.

Fire prevention technology is sufficiently developed now therefore officials must take precautions to avoid the recurrence of such mishaps in future. During the month of May when temperatures are high, more physical patrolling is necessary to avert fire accidents. The authorities can seek the assistance of professionals from National Fire Service College located at Nagpur.

Today citizens are more interested in show off instead of concentrating on work at the ground level which again is a disturbing trend. Regular safety audits should be undertaken and it should be seen if any recommendation from last audit was pending. Legislators have wasted too much time in discussing Augusta Westland deal in the recently concluded parliament session.

Look at the big cruise liners plying safely and we should learn from them. I am tired of writing and pleading that we must have one decent sized passenger ship. If we acquire a couple of these, then it will give a boost to the nation’s tourism.

Ahead of the elections in 2017, BJP president president Amit Shah on had meal with a Dalit family in one of the villages in Sevapuri Assembly segment. This assembly segment falls under Prime Minister Narendra Modi Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency. On his way to Allahabad from the Varanasi Airport Shah made a small halt at Jogiyapur village in Sevapuri Assembly segment to share a meal with a Dalit family. It is better to learn modern methods of working and improving governance instead of eating with “Dalit” family. The government must impart training to Dalit youth so that they will become employable. The content aired on most of the Indian news channels is mediocre. Channels must improve content and invite professionals possessing experience for indulging in debates, instead of interacting with spokespersons of political party alone.

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