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Cong lost credibility, faith of voters; will face massive defeat than 2014: Ranjit Patil

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After playing the blaming game and mud-slinging on each other for the last five years, both the biggest parties of the nation and the intensity with which they have been countering and questioning each other is reached to new height. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Indian National Congress (Congress) are finally out on field and using every means of campaigning to get to the head of the voters. However, in this rat race of the political advertisements – all the political parties and their candidates are violating the Model Code of Conduct openly without bothering about it.

While talking with Afternoon Voice Maharashtra State Home Minister and BJP leader Ranjit Patil said, “We will form the government in the State as well as in the Centre with high majority. PM Modi has done such a wonderful work that it has become almost impossible for the opposition leaders to face him. He has the support of crores of people which makes him stand out of the crowd.  As far as Congress is concerned, it has lost the credibility, the faith of the voters, and it is going to lose the elections with an even bigger margin than the 2014 elections.”

Since the Election Commission of India announced the upcoming general elections schedule, all the political parties – be it national or regional – are running either and thither, and trying their best to meet the voters as well as convincing them of their pious strategy and manifestos, which they will apply for the harmony of the nation and its people after coming into power. The general elections will be done into seven phases across the nation starting from 11 April and ending on 19 May. The counting of the votes will start from 23 May and the result will also be declared on the same day.

As per reports, research papers, interviews and the reaction of the Indian voters, it is quite evident that the BJP has been failed on almost every aspects – be it education sectors, Indian economy, employments, farmers’ issues, Dalits’ issues, women issues, freedom of speech or the most importantly as claimed by many Indian senior media persons, rationalist and political analysts – the democracy, that under the Modi-led BJP government has been almost diminished, and they also assume that if the Modi government again comes to power in 2019 then Indian may turn into second North Korea of Kim Jong-un.

However, the fact seems to be different than what these intellectuals, rationalist and political analysts believe as there are crores of voters who want Modi to be the Prime Minister of the country again in 2019. Modi too is reportedly going in every corner of the nation, meeting with the people, discussing their problems, explaining his manifestos that he will apply in the next term if he comes to the power, and somewhere he seems to be successful in convincing the voters that Modi-BJP is the one who will solve all the crisis of the people.

Moreover, the Congress is also on the same field as the BJP, Congress Party president Rahul Gandhi – who more than discussing the real issues of the nation and its people, has been in media coverage in the last five years for alleging Narendra Modi for doing corruption in the Rafale Jet deal, looting billions of Indians’ money, and fooling the voters. Apart from being a hard core opposition leader, Gandhi is also organising rallies, meeting with party leaders, member and supporters in every nook and corner of the country and making his own strategy to defeat Modi, and in between this, he may has proved himself to be somewhere close to the Congress’ Prime Ministerial candidate however; it is not confirmed by the party yet.

After the election schedule was announced, many political parties are all set to celebrate the victory in Maharashtra state. The major political parties of the state are Shiv Sena and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) who play a crucial role in forming the government in Centre. Shiv Sena has alliance with the BJP whereas the NCP has alliance with the Congress. On one hand, a major portion of the state voters support the Shiv Sena-BJP, whereas on the other hand, another major portion of the voters support the NCP-Congress. Both the Congress and BJP have the same hold in the state, however, it is interesting to see, if the Sena-BJP again comes to power after feeding the ideology of Hindutva to the voters or the NCP-Congress retain the power by bringing all the corruptions cases, farmers’ issues and cast based issues at the front and exposing the Sena-BJP.

“We will win 46 out of 48 seats in the state. There is groupism in the party and we are trying our best to sort things out and bring all the leaders and party workers together for the sake of our party. As far as Maharashtra is concerned, everyone knows that we have strong hold here and also our government in the state has done remarkable works in the last five years. It has introduced so many schemes regarding education, farmers, and youths.” Ranjit Patil further added.

When asked about Priya Dutt contesting  election from the Congress ticket against BJP’s Poonam Mahajan from Mumbai North-Central constituency, he added, “Priya comes nowhere close to Poonam when it comes to political approach and sensibilities. Poonam has been active in the State politics and also she keeps meeting youths of the state whereas Priya has neither any political understanding of the state or is connected with the people. To be precise, Priya doesn’t affect Poonam or the BJP in any manner and she will lose the election for sure.”

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