Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Congress desperate to regain power

Allegations and counter allegations between BJP and Congress is spoiling the image of the National parties. The tug of war was going on the floor of the house during winter session in parliament has now reached streets. The way BJP is forging head in recent elections in Municipal level and the wins in Assembly and Lok Sabha bye elections has created a fear factor among Congress cadre. They are trying hard to charge false allegations to divert people’s attention. After all Narendra Modi became a Prime Minister coming from the lowest level and made sure that his presence is felt as the Chief Minister and now as a Prime Minister. Rahul Gandhi failed to make headway as vice president and is trying hard to levy a charge against PM to reduce his popularity chart with graft charges. The time will tell that how Congress is desperate to regain power in the biggest state by hook or crook after recent debacles. Rahul’s claims appears as though that the pot is calling the kettle black. 

Calicut Krishnan Ramani

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