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Could there be a gay love story in Bollywood? One of its biggest stars says it is time to explore it. Sonam Kapoor spoke about the possibility in an interview where she lamented India`s laws on homosexuality: Last year, its Supreme Court upheld a ban on gay sex. “Well you know, unfortunately, in our country right now recently there is a law which does not, which basically had said that homosexuality is not legal which is very sad,” she said. Kapoor is in Cannes as an ambassador for the beauty brand L`Oreal. In an interview yesterday, Kapoor talked about last year`s Palme d`Or winner, “Blue Is the Warmest Color,” a lesbian love story, and whether such a film could be made for Bollywood. Kapoor believes if gays are depicted on film, it could help bring change in her country. “I think movies can influence the way people think sometimes and if we do start making love stories or we start making movies about people who are amazing human beings, people who have done something in life, people who are inspirational who aren`t necessarily only straight, I think people will start appreciating them more,” she said.

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Chinese state media labelled the United States a ‘mincing rascal’ and ‘high-level hooligan’ on Wednesday in response to Washington charging five Chinese military officers with hacking US companies to steal trade secrets.

The indictment on Monday was the first criminal hacking charge the US has filed against specific foreign officials, and follows a rise in public criticism and private confrontation between the world’s two biggest economies over cyber espionage.

As a first response, China suspended a Sino-US working group on cyber issues. In an editorial, the Global Times, an influential tabloid run by the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of China’s Communist Party, said this was the ‘right move, but we should take further actions.’

“We should encourage organisations and individuals whose rights have been infringed to stand up and sue Washington,” the newspaper said. “Regarding the issue of network security, the US is such a mincing rascal that we must stop developing any illusions about it.”

The Chinese-language version of the Global Times called the United States a “high-level hooligan”.

Washington’s legal approach against China is “high-handed and hypocritical”, the People’s Daily said, citing media reports that the US National Security Administration (NSA) spied on Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

“Suspending the operations of a bilateral group on cyber affairs is a reasonable start, but more countermeasures should be prepared in case Washington obstinately sticks to the wrong track,” state news agency Xinhua said in a commentary on Tuesday. “Otherwise, it should take full responsibility for the consequences of the farce that features itself as a robber playing cop.”

China summoned the US ambassador on Monday, hours after the indictment, warning Washington it could take further action, the foreign ministry said.

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