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Couples looking forward to Valentine’s Day

This time around Valentine’s Day will be celebrated in a different way and style. Some couples are planning to celebrate the happy occasion by flying in a helicopter for 30 minutes by spending Rs. 30000.  Relationship with your father or mother, wife or children even with friends blossom into a new world on this fantastic occasion. There is no need of worrying about lost relations but it is a day to renew old relationship and establish new relationship.  It is indeed a playful day. We forget about the old enmity and desperate to form a frantic one. The love game starts with “Love All”. The red roses is handy to handover and get the best out of it. It is needless to say that the unscrupulous elements try to play dirty politics on that day and attempt to make it a fateful day.  We are not following western culture blindly. We are adopting the cream of the theme to our advantage.

When we travel by bus or train we meet many friends both men and women. It is worthwhile to express our feeling in open on that particular day. We are open minded and there is no scope for narrow mindedness when you live in a metropolitan city like Mumbai or even for that matter Navi Mumbai.

It is indeed a great feeling to celebrate Valentine’s day with your beloved wife by going to eat at McDonald’s and have an ice cream and spend the night in a wonderful way. It is indeed a day of roses. The fragrance of red roses gives an auspicious start to a hectic day.  We live in Rose of Heaven and our mind mingle around the nicety of mankind or womankind as the case may be and the meaningful life lived by us. Lotus can be a substitute to Red Roses but it is not easily available.

A bright coloured attire, a pleasing manners and the mind to forget the worries and live carefree life is the order of the day. Mind is a monkey and so it fritters around to have fun and frolic after all. The best way is to greet our office friends with a pink rose and reveal the importance of extending a loving hand to the poor and down trodden people. There lies the essence of happy living and real enjoyment.  This year’s Valentine’s Day promises love and affection.


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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