Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Cricket Obsession

Time and again cricket pundits remind us that the game of cricket is a gentleman’s game and no need of showing tantrums within the field as Harbhajan Singh did in the past for Team India. He was excused from major “monkeygate” and “slapgate” but he never learned to go soft in his entire cricketing career. Virat Kohli as a skipper of the team exceeding all the limits and that is critisized squarely by the Australians whenever they get an opportunity. The recent remark Cowan revealed the real anger as Kohli was made to cool down by the umpires to avoid any further serious actions from both the sides. It was an unwarranted instigation by the Indian captain down under. Again, the seasoned Warner felt that Kohli should rethink his heat of the moment comment to have cordial relations between India and Australia. Winning and losing is different but one should maintain the decorum. Further, the non-controversial Haddin felt that Kohli needs time away from cricket for relaxation. All well said and done. Kohli is going to keep away from few games in IPL 10. Virat emotions did affected by his batting also as he failed to score a 50 in the series and his aggregate score in the series was less than 50 as pointed by Sourav Ganguly. All the talks of 4-0 win and 3-0 win did not happen but the controversy continued even after the series and it should not be passed on to IPL 10.

Lakshmi Venkatiswaran

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