Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Crooked mind is an innovators paradise!

If ‘Idle mind is a devil’s workshop’ then ‘A crooked mind can be an innovator’s paradise’. Was fortunate to attend Kiran Karnik’s book launch ‘Crooked mind’ at BSE where many anecdotes of innovation were discussed and it truly can give unbelievable results if people apply their mind at work even without formal education and degree. People should have risk taking appetite to succeed; sometimes out of the box thinking is required when we find it difficult to get desired results through copy book approach.

Kumar Bagrodia got the best out of his panel which included BSE MD & CEO Ashish Chauhan, Padma awardee Dr. Deepak Pathak apart from the author himself and each one of them came up with innovative ideas for success. Crooked mind often referred to as ‘Jugaad’ in today’s world does gives us an idea which is so important if you want to set up something in life from where you can build an empire. ‘Idea’ is a seed which has to be nurtured to grow into a sapling and then tree before it give fruits of success!

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