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Cycle of terror in Afghanistan

A Taliban suicide bomber detonated explosives stuffed into an ambulance killing 103 people and injuring more than 150 in Kabul reveals the fact that security situation in Afghanistan is increasingly worsening. Targeting of civilians constitutes a grave violation of human rights. There’s no life for people in Afghanistan. Kabul is regularly rocked by suicide bombs and assaults. The repeated strikes in the most fortified areas with mounting casualties demonstrate a steadily deteriorating security situation. Time and again the deadly attacks underscore spiraling insecurity in Afghanistan as the resurgent Taliban ramp up their offensive across the country, while security forces struggle to contain them. Tragedy of Afghanistan is that since 1979 Foreign Troops have dictated terms and failed to end the conflict. Kabul has been the site of numerous bombing attacks claimed by the Islamic State group and the Taliban over the last year.

This is really horrendous a crime against humanity, unlike any other time in the past. For past few years, in spite of lot of discussion and deliberations made by top most leaders of many peaceful countries through various meetings and summits to eradicate terrorism globally, but unfortunately the tentacles of terrorism is rising as a devil tower. It is a worrisome situation because the terror from Afghanistan may spill over to India, China, Russia, and Central Asian countries. This is a war in which the Afghan people are being used as instruments and burned like firewood every day.

Fighting terrorism and protecting the people is job one. Terrorism is strongly condemned in all its forms and manifestations and stressed that there can be no justification whatsoever for any acts of terrorism. Terrorism of course is a major problem which is agitating every one of us. Terrorism is greatest challenge for world society as it is not only causing human suffering but also impeding peace and development. Some leading nations of the world over last 3 decades have ignored menace of terrorism in some parts of the world. Modi has rightly declared that “We are united in our belief that terrorism its supporters have to be punished, not rewarded.” We need a comprehensive national policy to deal with domestic militancy as well as cross-border terrorism. We should be pro active and should take some strict actions before we lose more lives.

The increased attacks targeting military and government facilities have put pressure on Afghanistan’s more aggressive military strategy against the Taliban, in which it is backed by the United States. President Donald Trump while condemning “the despicable car bombing attack” has rightly said that “all countries should take decisive action” against the Taliban, which has claimed responsibility for Kabul’s attack.

Terrorism is debated and discussed and covered widely in media only when such incident happens. War against terror needs to be intensified. Terrorism knows no religion, recognizes no country, no boundary and of course certainly no humanity. Terrorists kill because of a wicked mentality that it will somehow serve their purpose of achieving something only they understand. The situation in Afghanistan is going from bad to worse, and slowly becoming unmanageable. There is an urgent need to fight terrorism on war footing.

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