Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Death in drowning cases

Sea drowning accidents are taking place because of carefree attitude of persons going to these spots. Konkan beach tragedy is one such fatal accident in which five were swallowd by the sea. When there is a risk factor, all the precautions are to be taken. There is no one to alert them. It is time to put blocks and boards to instruct people not to cross the limit. After all, life is precious and even lifeguards will think twice before venturing into the sea at the hollow part of the sea. News Papers should highlight the risk factor and make a headline out of it so that future generation will take a leaf out of this fact next time. Local doctors should be available near the spot to give first aid and other medicinal care to the drowning victim to revive his life. Mouth to mouth resurrection can revive some of them. The intake of water is to be taken out before proceeding further and give the confidence to the victim that survival is possible in this case also. But prevention is better than cure. Let us take care to save human life from drowning.

Abhishek Rama

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