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Decoding Meditation

Hello all, I hope you had a splendid week. I am back again with some amazing information to drastically transform your lives. Everyday I meet a lot of people trying to find a quick fix for everything. Right from losing weight to making quick money, to finding success instantly and so on. The most interesting aspect of this behaviour is that our minds are simultaneously controlled by two masters. One knows what it wants and the other resists the leaving of the comfort zone.  Most of the time our minds succumb to the master demanding to remain in the comfort zone. So how do you become the Master of these two masters, doing exactly what is the right thing to do? The answer lies in one word Meditation. So let’s start at the beginning, assuming you have no idea of what meditation is and where to begin. I shall attempt to simplify this word for you.

So what is Meditation?

Meditation is a gradual silencing of the mind till it reaches its source which in most cultures is called the Soul.

Why should I do Meditation?

Meditation has been proven scientifically as the most effective way to manage stress. Stress as we all already know is the root cause of diseases plaguing modern day society. It affects every area of your life right from your sleep to your relationships, work, and efficiency. In short stress manages to harm your health, wealth, and happiness that are important aspects of a person’s life. Biologically it affects your blood pressure, heart rate, your immunity. Managing stress will help you improve not only your mental wellbeing but also your physical health. Once you have managed to overcome stress, meditation will help you enter into states of super consciousness and limitless possibilities. You connect with the universal source which is our creator so it increases your creativity. It opens up attitudes within you that attract the right people, events, circumstances and opportunities that match your deepest desires. You immediately affect the quality of your sleep that is a key to good health.

Emotionally you reach a state of well-being which means, no insecurity, no fear, no guilt, no resentment, no anger, no shame (these are states that lower your frequency looping you in the vicious circle of self-doubt).

What is the best time to do meditation?

The ideal time would be when you wake up in the morning, after a restful sleep. Meditating after a hard day at work will put you to sleep, which is what you need at that time.

How much is the ideal time to do meditation?

It varies according to each individual, ideally 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening should be sufficient.

What is the ideal place and position to meditate?

Any place that allows you can be a good place to meditate, it could be in your bed, chair, car (not while you are driving, of course), airplane etc. Just like thoughts are entering our minds irrespective of where we are, similarly we can meditate anywhere. Sitting posture is more preferred than the lying down posture, as in the latter there is a risk of falling asleep.

What is the easiest technique to meditate?

Sit cross legged, close your eyes, saying the word ‘Om’ or ‘Sohum’ in your mind as you breathe, ‘So’ as you breathe in and ‘Hum’ as you breathe out. You can play some soft music like sounds of nature in the background which assists in the calming of the mind. Do not worry about thoughts or your mind wandering, just don’t give any importance to these thoughts, just observe them. You can observe your breath but do not try to breathe fast or slow, just breathe, your breath will automatically slow down and go deeper. Ok, those of you who have been following my columns regularly, I do not want you to confuse Meditation with Visualisations. If you want to visualise your desires, then I suggest you do it just before you perform meditation. By taking your mind at the alpha level complete your visualisation and once you are done, start with meditation.  In Visualisation you are activating your mind, while in meditation the goal is to silence the mind.

Try it from today itself and continue it for at least 21 days until it becomes a habit. Trust me it will go on to become the most important and fruitful part of your day.

Until next week,

Stay Positive, Stay Abundant

Umesh Pherwani

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