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Definitely, all is not well in Punjab

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It’s not only in India but the Sikhs across the globe are angry with BJP and its ally Prakash Singh Badal. On 18th October Sunday a gathering of approximately one thousand three hundred Sikhs at Bell Performing Arts Centre Surrey, BC Canada, held Badal responsible for such acts and they agreed that they will not discuss anything with Badal or his men. They will protest if Badal or his ministers speak anything on the stage (political or religious) in their vicinity. They also agreed upon that five Jathedars have become puppets of Badals, so they must be replaced in the Sarbat Khalsa (A meeting of all Sikh bodies) on Nov 10th, 2015. The gathering agreed upon that any Jatherdar if appointed by Badal and his men will not be accepted at all no matter how savant or sane he would be. A candle light vigil was also held after the meeting at the Bell centre. A similar protest was also held in Stockton, USA. Almost 50 local gurudwara bodies were united on this issue and announced their no confidence in Badals and his men.

Let’s connect all the dots, Orbit bus incidence in Moga brought common people of Punjab together against the Badals. Vote bank is slipping away. Sikh Guru’s relic journey was planned and executed to shift the focus. Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa went on a hunger strike for Sikh political prisoners. Badals were directly in the line of fire. Dinanagar police station was attacked and people’s attention was diverted. Punjab’s Cotton belt was destroyed by whitefly. Bogus companies’ ineffective pesticides were believed to be the main cause of this destruction. The companies duly approved by the government were later found non-existent. Farmers blamed Badals for suicides. Protests landed Badals in hot waters. Suddenly, Sacha Sauda sect’s cult saint was pardoned after almost seven years without any formal apology from the sect or cult leader. Focus shifted from the farmers to Sikh issues. Sikhs started protesting against the decision of the Akal Takht Jathedar and it was very strong protest all over Punjab.

The role of Guru Granth Sahib as a source or guide of prayer is pivotal in Sikh worship was desecrated at many places in Punjab. Sikhs also started protesting to condemn the Guru Granth Sahib’s desecration and blocked the major roads and rail routes in a peaceful protest. Fire was opened on peaceful Sikh protesters with no advance warning. Two young Sikh protesters (Krishan Bhagwan Singh, 45 and Gurjeet Singh, 27) were killed by the Punjab Police’s bullets. The strange and unique fact about these protests were seen when the Sikh bodies or volunteers brought the langar (Food made in Community Kitchen) for the protesters. It was also shared with the police personals who beat them a while ago. The true essence of langar (food with no discrimination) was to potray that even the assaulters were equal. This was the height of injustice and cruelty by the state government for the Sikh community. State’s incapability resulted in this phase of movement against the alleged Sikh leaders for misguiding the community. Now, this protest is not limited within the Punjab state but also spread like a wildfire worldwide in Punjabi Diaspora. Let it be USA, England, Europe, Canada or Australia, Sikhs are protesting against Badals and their men. Recent protest and pressure by the common Sikh forced many of the Badal’s cavalcades to resign.

The Canadian Defense Minister, Jason Kenney openly criticized the heavy handed crackdown and killing of peaceful protesters by the Punjab State, and demanded that those responsible for the murders of the innocent protesters should be criminally charged for their crimes. “All political parties of Canada have supported Sikh fight for justice in Punjab and condemned the attacks. However, PM Modi, who has had hobby of reacting and commenting on every issue in India hasn’t tweeted anything about the issue.

Ironically, Indian media out of its habit of keeping their eyes shut towards Punjab, specially Sikh issues, did not even report a single incident on their ‘lightning fast’ news networks. Badals are not only feeling alone and deserted on Sikh issues front but also they are going to be in a trouble for upcoming World Kabbadi Cup as many of the international Kabbadi federations and clubs have boycotted the cup.

Canada West Kabbadi Federation, National Kabbadi Federation of Canada, England Kabbadi Federation, Kabbadi Federation of Ontorio also joined the protest and many more are expected to follow. Badals are really in big trouble this time and time will tell about their fate. Once Mr. Parkash Singh Badal while inaugurating World Kabbadi Cup said that he might not have played the Kabbadi game on the field, but he has played it all these years in politics and he has won so far.

Already, India has gone restless since 2014, the new government was formed in the centre. Now, the Indians across the globe are participating in this remonstration against the Indian government. God knows where the country is heading.

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Vaidehi Taman
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