Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Developing India

Our great country is really very rich with marvellous people, following and propagating working philosophy that promotes material growth and moral growth, keeping us shielded from extremist religious infestation.

Bhayyuji Maharaj- How I want to be at his feet and with him, look at his humility, in spite of having pain in the leg, he happily came up and down the dais so many times at NBC award function.

Development does not mean concrete jungles, huge fuel-guzzling private cars etc. It was God sent opportunity for me, a sinner, to be able to see and listen to Jain Muniji’s Dharm, Pantha, rajneeti excellent enunciation, that’s development.

Bappi Lahiri Ji, showed his humbleness by singing, ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’ while Kailash Kher’s, simplicity depicted with his song ‘Allah Ke Bande.’

Teachers, persons engaged in social service and very spirited ‘Divyangs ‘, I could not help myself standing near them and listening to them.

They were not complaining but, instead, were very positive, this is development.

We can develop much better in mundane terms if only our self-seeking politicians mend their ways and askew filthy lucre, foul tongue and debauchery.

Water resource management, environmental cleanliness, civic cleanliness and following good civic values will promote and sustain the development.

If we become righteous, development is automatic and lasting. I was happy to see the Surgeon-in-Chief from KEM hospital. Mr Prabhakaran, similarly placed at Sion hospital is also good. Our doctors in these civil hospitals are fantastic human beings, very caring, very dedicated and, my friends, that’s development.

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