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Disclose Undisclosed Income by Sept 30: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged citizens with undisclosed income to come clean by September 30 during the 21st edition of Mann ki Baat.

PM Modi-AV
“I urge everyone to disclose undisclosed income by September 30. This is the last chance to avoid any problems,” Modi said in his monthly radio address.

He said the revenue department will soon unveil a mechanism to keep track of undisclosed income.

Modi said he had asked the officials from the income tax, revenue and excise departments to build an atmosphere of trust with tax payers.

“In a country where a government employee donates Rs. 5,000 every month out of his monthly pension of Rs. 16,000, nobody has a right to evade taxes.”

The Prime Minister wondered how there could only be 1.5 lakh people with taxable income over Rs. 50 lakh in a country of a billion people.

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