Friday, June 18, 2021
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Discouraging to see how India is projected internationally: John Abraham on rising crime against women

TJohnwo years since the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old in New Delhi, nothing much changed. Cases of crime against women continue to make headlines, and put forth the need for the government to do everything possible to ensure the city is safe for women. It is high time that what was promised on papers is also be implemented.

Actor John Abraham, who was recently in the capital, told us that he would like to contribute as much as he can to make bring in the desired change.

“I would love to contribute in every possible way. I know there has been a change, but several cases of crime against women have happened in the recent past. And honestly, these cases are very discouraging,” he said.

And the fact that India is mocked for cases of crime against women is very disappointing. “Afsos ki baat hai ki yeh sab hota hai. And it is important to report such cases. But when you see how India is projected internationally for such reasons, it is discouraging. I’m a proud Indian, and I think India has a young population which is focused on growth and development. There are other reasons for which India should be reported internationally. Badlaav aana chahiye. We hope for the change. Let us hope for the best in the New Year,” he said.

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